A psychadelic art exhibition from Pixeldistort

Mr Simon Neck, a busy student and dedicated mountainboard rider, works under the name PixelDistort creating unique artwork and graphics. As well as commercial projects, PixelDistort does imagery for PU (Plymouth University) ATB that you’ll recognise from his distinctive style. Si has organised meet-ups & comps such as ‘Get Creative’ in May 2011 and is a keen all-round rider- competition, freestyle & freeride… Here, he tells us how he puts his eclectic digital collages together, and talks about several of the images in more detail.
“These designs are created initially with a sketch, sometimes with an outcome in mind and other times just allowing the image to develop. The designs are then scanned into Illustrator CS5 and redrawn using the pen tool allowing me to play with proportions and add colour creating a different style of imagery.”

“My main technique for making images is a photo manipulation technique. I collect photographs whenever I am out and about taking along/borrowing a camera to mountainboarding outings and random days out alike. Taking photographs up close can create awesome textures for layers and taking photographs at certain angles can make a small ledge look like a collapsing cliff edge. I then build up layers (the more the better) within Photoshop CS5 warping photographs and refining detail coming back to the image until I am happy with the outcome”.

Simon also recently completed work on a digital mountainboard magazine, featuring reports, photos and more; all with his unique graphical style. Click on the mag cover below to download it.

“The idea of the Mountainboard Mag was to show certain aspects of mountainboarding summing up that entire style within one image”.









“This image shows the style that riders can achieve within the air. Almost everyone has their own unique style when they get in the air so I’ve used lots of people from a few different events.”



“Since getting a noSno I’ve found my riding to improve hugely, each new addition has made me more confident in my riding and with it more fun. I have tried to capture the mechanics of how noSno’s work and how customisable they along with the floating mountain showing the terrain that is possible to be ridden with them. This image was created completely from photographs of my noSno parts which were then cropped and built up into patterns and textures before being applied to shapes and light effects.”



“As my favourite type of freeriding is through trees the idea of a tree rider riding through trees seemed an awesome id ea so I got some photographs of trees together on a trip out freeriding in Derby and started making an image. I used a screenshot of Mark Sewell and started warping branches.”



“The competitions have introduced me to mountainboard community and are always a fun weekend no matter the weather. I used some old photographs I had for this boardercross image from the ATBA-UK series from SWMBC,07 and The Edge,09. The track is made courtesy of LornaBoughen and her pictures of their new Orange track at Ironsides Court Farm which I changed a little into my own spiral road gap feature.”


 Dirt Surfing

“Dirt surfing is a term often used for mountainboarding. Personally I don’t see it but if you could mountainboard a dirt stone wave, now that’s an image I want to see. I found the perfect landscape for this image at the China clay mines near St.Austell whilst looking around for some new terrain to ride.”

So what’s next? He’s already moving on to screen prints, with T-shirts and boards being covered, and no doubt there’ll be more stuff appearing on PUATB in the coming months. We’re watching this space!
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All images copyright Simon Neck/Pixeldistort