A steezy visit to one of The North’s hidden gems

Skully brings us the story of a visit to Doncaster, with some sick photos to boot…

It was the first Saturday in March and we’d had a good few days of sunshine. A couple of days earlier, a woman at work (in a strong Yorkshire accent) said to me “Doesn’t feel like February weather” to which I replied “I know, it’s the 1st of March” ?!
Anyway it had been sort of organised by JC that we would hit up an old Team North riding spot, the infamous ‘Steetley Quarry’. It’s disused, on the outskirts of Doncaster and even though it is only about half an hour away from both JC & I, we have continuously failed to ride for the past five years. I remember riding this spot many, many years ago with him and the old Team North crew when they existed and yet I couldn’t think why I never went back, because it was one of the best spots I had ever ridden…

Ok, so the plan was set, JC would come to Sheffield about 9.30, pick up some beginners from Shef Uni, then meet up with me and we’d convoy up to the quarry (because I didn’t know the way) and then we’d meet a few lads from ATB Sunday (Adrian, Mark, and Jimmy) at about 10. In true mountainboard fashion we left a cold, damp, rainy Sheffield at about 11, took the scenic route to the quarry and got there for 12. Only two hours late that’s pretty good going for us…

So we finally arrived then had a little look in the woods first: “this doesn’t look familiar, oh well we’ll ride it anyway”, JC with his usual attitude to riding.
We kitted up and off we went. The first run was a wide gravely track caked in mud which was slippy and slidey. I strapped in first and went down, did a couple of speed checks, then realized how slidey it was and did 180 power slides all the way down. It was fun, a nice little run to warm the muscles up. The newbs thought it was a bit too much for them so they walked down.

Half way down we’d spotted a mountain bike drop which cut across the run, it was about a 10ft drop to flat… While I was weighing this up JC had strapped in and not being one to do anything lightly, hit the first run a full pelt, straight lining his way past us. I gave the drop ago and a three attempts later I managed to land a tweaked backside indy off it.

We had a quick explore through the woods, and we found loads and loads of mountain bike runs, with jumps, berms and even more drops. It was heaven. We all found something we could ride, with JC and me hitting an 8ft drop to a 60 degree landing into another run with a little table at the end. Perfect!

Before we drained ourselves out of energy we decide to find the crème de la crème of the area, the quarry itself. After a little bit of a hike we peered out of the dark, damp woods and as if by magic into the glorious sunshine and blue skies. And there it was the sea of yellowy orange colour of limestone, the quarry. This place looks like a giant, dirt skatepark and it is, with runs and lines everywhere. There was something for everything.

The sun was out, the weather was warm, and I’d just found a hip to 15ft drop gap to the perfect landing. All I wanted to do was ride. After a good couple of hours, a temper tantrum by me and a bit of a photo shoot later watched by some dirtbikers (“what ya gonna do on them” one shouted, “Have a look at this then” I replied), JC pulling some tweaked nose grabs (not bad considering he was in snowboard boots and on nine’s) and me getting some palm airs and backside indys- which felt massive to me anyway!

Decide for yourselves…

This was one of the best days riding I’d had in a while, the new people loving it and the ATB Sunday crew planning the following days ride at Hales Superbole. We agreed we had to come back here. This is one of the best spots I’d been to and one of the North’s best kept secrets. If only we were more organised!!!!

Hugs and Kisses


Words by skully and photo’s by JC and Skully (when JC’s in the photo 🙂