A to Z: The World BX Champs ’14

A is for an Alphabetical mountainboard masterpiece: it’s the Rem Report from the World Boardercross Championships in Serbia!

Хелло.. Yes brought to us by the UK’s no.2 all-round shredmonster James Wanklyn, this A to Z will bring you up to speed with some of the stories behind Andy Rolfe’s tip-top photographs from that first weekend of September in Bukovac… There’s also some bonus moving images to keep it lively! Go go go in my pants!


The A-Z guide to The World Boardercross Championships in Serbia



A – Antics –  There were plenty of them, on boards and off! There were pool parties with flips, spins and Leon’s now signature hulk smash. Water fights in the rain resulting in another pool party in the rain. Home-made double bunk beds in the team GB room, and way more crazy stories we’ve all probably lost in the drunken haze…


BBieran S-M – it was Bieran’s first time in serbia after a last minute decision to go. Myself and Matt had said last year how he would kill the track and we weren’t wrong, he was the fastest on the bottom half the track, giving everyone a run for their money. Would have been in the final if not for a small mistake on the 3rd to last corner.

 B is also  Bobba’s Wood – rubbish weather meant pre-race quallies on the friday were replaced by a freeride-ish trip to co-organiser Bogdan’s local woodland spot for some seriously wet mud riding action!




CConnor Smout – the underdog of the event. Been racing for only a year and got 5th in the world! Then broke his foot on a step… not so smooth…


DDownpours – much to our surprise because of previous years, it rained, a lot! All the way up to event day on Saturday. The rain did prompt a freeride session and a skate park session for a way to ride. And big up to bobba and the serbian crew for working tirelessly to make the track run after the rain!


D is also for Diego (Anderson) – he’s been a key player in the International mountainboard scene for many years and Frenchman Diego took the title of World BX champ in the Masters category home with him after some epic races!

Remolition asked him for his thoughts on the event 🙂 


“Serbia ! Another amazing edition !
So much fun again with people from the whole planet, regrouped by the simple fact they ride an all terrain board, and sharing like they were friends for ever… Just a bunch of great humans under the same banner of Mountainboarding, lovely World…
And what races too ! The slippy terrain made it tough, with a lot of overtakings and an awesome level in all categories… So much great riders all over now… the sport is going mad…
And how do i feel on winning the Masters? Well the race with Marc, Leon and Dave was crazy… Dave leading after the first whoops, then Leon overtook on the flat part, and both were far away from me at this point… Then, managed to catch up in the berms, Leon went down, and i finally took the inside line in the last berm to overtake Dave… Incredible… What a great race, with great riders, and such a nice adrenaline feeling that only boardercross riding can give…
Many thanks to Marc, Boba and the Serbian crew who worked their asses off to make this event perfect again, and thanks to the community for making my life better…
Love it !”



E is for Energy – International Mountainboarders need it, have it, use it and abuse it.

E is also for Evan carlson – the Team US rider who joined us this year, and placed the highest of all team US, flying down the track… He took slam after slam trying to nail a sick inverted hand plant in the skate park too. Also a massive fan as he is the only US rider to wear heelstraps AKA foot diapers. Win for our side!


F – Freestyle – the normal after race freestlye sesh was a tad different this year. Due to the late start because of rain we had a 30 min sunset session which was awesome! Everyone threw down, unfortunately the landing was super soft due to rain, so there were more slams than landings. Bobba also created a concrete take off, which was lush! Shame it couldn’t be used to its full potential but we still rode till dark… Next year though!


World_Boarderx_Championship_Serbia_056GGreat friends – because of this competition, riders from all over the world get to meet, chat, ride and drink together. It really is unlike any other event and we all cant wait for the next one!

Hhostel – the same hostel puts up with us each year and this year was no different. 60+ riders, its definitely the hub of activity and partying! Highlight for me being watching the sunrise while lying on the roof of the hostel.

IIn my pants – a game inspired by Arno, adding in my pants to the end of sentences, was hilarious and I don’t see it ending anytime soon…


World_Boarderx_Championship_Serbia_003JJumps – not just on a board! Jumping from the balconies is a trade mark of the hostel, predictably there was lots of it. But this year saw some firsts… Connors first ever backflip, off the first storey, ben the first to front flip of the second storey, connor and sonia tag team jumping off the roof, and sam from romania, off the roof over the balcony at 6am while drunk!

KKody Stewart – in an unfortunate fall and to everyone’s surprise, the reigning world champ went out the first heat. Making the game wide open. He also brought with him the kolab, a new board made my the man himself, at first look its definitely one to watch!


LLAV – the local beer which was drunk in copious amounts, also ridiculously cheap, always a bonus.

 L -is also for – Ladies – the greatest mountainboard girls of Europe riding hard and partying harder!

MMatt Brind – the new world champion! After a shaky start to the day he sorted himself out and stormed the final to bring gold to GB! Massive congrats! We also got to see Matt drunk a few times, seems to be an effect kody has on him! no peeing on clothes this year though…


NoviSadNNovi Sad – the city we stay in, beautiful town with a buzzing night time, loads of restaurants,  even though we kept goin to the same one… and a fortress by the river, well worth a visit!


OOnce a year – that’s all we get to see each other together, making the goodbyes on Sunday incredibly hard. It also means we have to make sure an event like this carries on year on year,  growing in size and being a weekend for all riders to book off!!



P parties – every night, without fail! We arrived at the hostel Wednesday at 3pm, I was drunk by 6pm. Lots of clubbing at the cactus bar in town, managed to get Ben Wanklyn drunk for the first time ever. Saturday night a bar was hired out for the whole crew, with a live band and a rendition of ‘Africa’ by (who else) Tom Donaldson. Followed by a clubbing attempt, but we were out too late and the clubs had shut, so more drinking at the hostel and a sunrise from the roof.

QQueen, The – God shave her!

 R is for Remolition so here’s R’s x3!!

1. Racing – the track was wet, but the racing was just as intense! Because it was slower everyone was super close, and it wasn’t over till the end. It meant me Bieran and Arno 3 deep into the chicane after the straight, which was terrifying! It meant overtakes on the last few corners, clashing of wheels and collisions like Chloe Chew in the final! It meant surprise results, like Kody out, Bieran out, Arno out, Tom D out, and underdogs flying through! Was unpredictable and exciting!

Riders – A fantastic international menagerie of mountainboarders turned up. Too many to list, you know who you are! 🙂

Results! – The full run-down for the Open can be seen at the bottom of the page!….

 Mountainboard-World-BX-Champs-2014 Mountainboard-World-BX-Champs-2014-LadiesThe podiums were as follows…

Pro’s : 1.Matt Brind   2.Evgeny Vybornyy   3.Marco Dähler

Ladies: 1.Martina Lippolis   2.Senka Bajic   3.Petrò Simona

Masters: 1.Diego Anderson   2.Dave Stiefvater    3.Predrag Marcikic

 Juniors: 1.Szymon Jesionek    2.Jakub Dukowicz    3.Tosa Jovic

S – Skate park sesh – Thursdays rain prompted a session at Novi Sad skate park, first crew to go over consisted of half of team gb, arno, the swiss crew, some romanians and a few others. After 3 hours of us not returning to the hostel team US, the rest of team GB and others realised it must be well worth a visit!

This led to an insane session, you name a skate park trick on a mountain board it was probably done in that sesh. E-Car’s inverted handplant, Kody board slides, Matt 270 axel 450 out, Starfighter one foot indy transfer, Arno’s huge steezy grab transfers, Mason’s nose roll 3s and stupidly fast bs 5, synchronised 3s from myself and ben, the list goes on…

S – is also for Salute – With Bums, bare tums, half beards, hand-signs (e.g. hang loose, rock, 3 in the pink etc.) and more, we salute YOU.


AndyTomandLeiT – Team GB – we rocked it! On the team results we were on top, with half of the top 8 from team GB. Matt had 1st, myself 4th, Connor 5th, bieran 7th, Ben qualified 11th but came 26th, Leon 4th in masters, Chloe 4th in ladies. Tom D had a bad fall leading to concussion, James Hirst qualified 33rd, missing out on the knockouts by 1 second! Not sure of Dale’s position* but he rode more confidently than i’ve ever seen! Lei and Lala were our cheerleaders and pit crew. And Andy Rolfe took some ok photos I suppose… 🙂

U – umbrellas – because we didn’t have any…

V – vodka – 6 litres of it from the swiss guys on day 1, baaaaaad headaches followed

W – Water fight– as mentioned earlier, Wednesday saw a water fight in the rain, started with a handful of water from myself, followed by a cupful from arno, then bobby got involved, in the end everyone was drenched and me lala and bobby were in the pool fully clothed! A day to remember!

 W – is also for Weave – you needed to get out the start gates fast and maximise speed, hence the weave!

X – X-ray – because no-one had to have one! But Jo mo from Germany had a very gruesome one before the competition, preventing him from coming and he was sorely missed!!!

Y is for You –  make some plans because for next year because you won’t want to miss it! Are YOU going to be there in 2015?


 and finally…

Z is for Zebra – because what else starts with a Z??



Check out Andy Rolfe’s awesome full photo slideshow Gallery on Remolition here!

Find links to other peoples vids and photos on Facebook from Mountain Board Media including more by Andy Rolfe and Dieter De Waela (pic below).

More sick pix can be found on Poland’s HardTym Mountainboarding site and in Wild Mountainboards Facebook album.

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*  47th/52! Read Dale’s rider report of his time in Serbia at CrazyMountainboarder.

A full interview with Winner Matt Brind will appear on Remolition very soon.

Open Results:

1. Matt Brind GBR
2. Evgeny Vybornyy RUS
3. Marco Dachler SUI
4. James Wanklyn GBR
5. Connor Smout GBR
6. Davide Zanelli ITA
7. Beiran Martlew GBR
8. Andrey Yenin RUS
9. Marcel Bender GER
10. Arno Van der Veyver BEL
11. Szimon Jesionek (junior) POL
12. Vojta Stejskal CZE
13. Frieder Kurrle GER
14. Evan Carlson USA
15. Mason Moore USA
16. Marcin Wegrzyn POL
17. Kody Stewart USA
18. Piter Damec POL
19. Tom Donaldson GBR
20. Jereme Leafe USA
21. Maciej Kogut POL
22. Dieter Waele BEL
23. Marek Burval CZE
24. Bogdan Rusu ROM
25. Christian Bergmann GER
26. Ben Wanklyn GBR
27. Roberto Faccinetti ITA
28. Stefano Micheloni ITA
29. David Hutter SUI
30. Giulio Bernardelli ITA
31. Dan Marcu ROM
32. Tilen Javornik SLO
33. Sander Smets BEL
34. Ivan Raković SER
35. Daniel Frischknecht SUI
36. Jakub Dukowicz (junior) POL
37. James Hirst GBR
38. Alexey Repkin RUS
39. Wiktor Walas POL
40. Slobodan Banović SER
41. Martin Novotny CZE
42. Mattia Poli ITA
43. Ondra Čala CZE
44. Rik Seigers BEL
45. Dominik Kaminsky (junior) POL
46. Matt Silva USA
47. Dale Goodwin GBR
48. Michael Germann SUI
49. Mihai Sulu ROM
50. Fabian Schulz SUI
51. Momčilo Gajić dnf SER
52. Jaka Lah dns SLO


Big mountainboard hugs to all x