Freeride vids… Let’s roll

Brought together for your discerning viewing pleasure, we have a load of inspiring films that are quite different yet share the same vision: documenting a good honest bit of mountainboard freeriding in the great outdoors…

Here we go, starting off nice n’ mellow…

The ATC Big adventure

Eeeaaasy-going fun in Cornwall with TK, Poom, Mick et al on the freeride, away from comps & demos, rollin’ on hills and shredding the woods. (& sk8park)

Freeride at Macclesfield forest

Rob McCordick brings together an uber-stylishly art-directed short film of a fun day’s free riding with Rog S, Ade Dirtbox, JC NoSno and more.

AIMBA freeride in Tullymore and Rostrevor

Ireland’s All Ireland MountainBoard Association give a great feel of a typical winter freeride sesh to a unique soundtrack.

KentATB Spring / summer 2010 freeride round up edit

Kent’s playaz having fun in loads of different woods, trusting in dust.

Middletown Hill & Ercall Woods Freeride

Great stuff here starting with an onboard ride down some sweet hills in Wales before heading into the woods for a right laugh!

Lard 011 “South Tour”

evilC and the London and Regional District crew have fun sessioning Tank Trails and more.

MBS freeride segment

Recently re-edited compilation of MBS (US) ‘freeride’ footage

Roadkill Superstars

“One5 & MBS US roadtrip to Nevada from Colorado, various spots along the way. Bunch of fun, lots of nizz shralpin.” Freeride, parks, kites and ‘that’ drop, by Justin Dersham

MVM’s freeride sampler from MVM 9. Mountainboarding from NC to CA

Mountainboarding Video Magazine: US riding, grass, street, park, jumps, bit of freestyle, all with a shouty thrash s/track!

Aperta Contigo

Obrigado! Sintra riders (Portugal) free-wreckin’ it.. video by PJ Azôgue with LowBudget Crew. Volume warning! on mountains in Gaver

Italian riders rolling down fairly big molehills to an AC/DC soundtrack with bonus mentalism at the end!

Cleeve Hill & Norfolk woods with The Flying Squirrels (part1)

Flying in ’04, dressed for mx! Loads of enthusiastic riding from the Squirrels…

Mountainboarding with the DirtyRyders from Holland

A good 8 1/2 minutes of playful outdoor woodland fun in the Netherlands.

Team BAD in Bristol

Now legendary vid of an epic days riding with Team BAD, ex-Scuzsters, & WX/Rem in ’08 (and our first ever road trip/field report as Remolition)

Terfware freeride weekend in Dartmoor

An early Jack Johnston (BFC film supremo) vid of  SWAT (South West All Terrain), Terfware & ATBmag riders ripping up Dartmoor Bonfire night weekend ’04.

Mountainboard Goitik Behera

Some great spots in Northern Spain with ok riding from DevilsToys in ’04, with odd tribal metal soundtrack!

Mountainboarding headcam

Onboard as a couple of riders from SCUM ATB cruise/motor down one of their favourite spots in Brighton…

Mountainboard Romania ‘08

Inspirational riding spots & places in Romania & Serbia (with a bit of comp action too).

Nicky Stirrups & Bieren S-M

Two epic riders dominate this early BFC-produced vid, (and yes, there’s a bit of centre action here too).

DSA ‘Let it Happen’ trailer

USA’s Dirt Star Army having fun on board while out n about in this trailer for the cool full 20 minute film.

and finally…

Forest ride on Sunday morning by MarcATB in Serbia

Just a nice on-board amateur (ie poor-quality) vid of a typical wooded run worth mentioning for the end: because we’ve all done it lol!