A video compilation of International BIG AIR demos

Although demo ramps are pretty far removed from most peoples normal riding environment, they are a great way of wowing the public with the sport. Through the medium of jaw-dropping aerial maneuvres, we get to witness poetry in motion; rotations, inverted flips, corked spins, and (with the occasional wince) sketchy landings & stacks. The riders show off their courage & skills and buzz off the crowds, pushing themselves and each other further, giving the spectators a truly awesome show…


So here we present a collection of mountainboard freestyle public displays & demonstrations from around the world…

Mountainboard Tour 2010 – Moscow!  31 July, Luzhniki Moscomsport Festival

A sweet demo vid with a huge crowd, showing off riders like Pasha Peshin, Ben Tweedy and Arno VDV…

MBS-UK Pro Team demo – Windsor 2010

Tom Kirkman, Tuai Lovejoy, Jamie Johnstone, Matt Brind, Tom Read et al shred the Queen’s hometown.. A typical freestyle fest some some of the best in the world!

RTH Race For Life Mountainboard Demo

June 2010 and the Ride the Hill Big (red) ramp tour visited the Cancer reaserch UK ‘Race for Life’ event in Gloucester park, Basildon. Riders Include Alan Newan, Ryan Roberts, Gary Crowhurst and more!

Yajevika demo

Russian piano maestro/mountainboard goddess Vika talks through parallels in performing with footage from the Adrenaline Games.

USTU X-Games 2008

A USTU X games vid from ’08 featuring loads of crossover action… btw, dude, your boards on fire!

MBS Mountainboarding demo at Scouts Jamboree

The hard-working MBS Europe team did one of the biggest demos it’s done to date at the start of 2010 @ The Scouts Jamboree, plus the IOG Soltex show.

MBS Mountain boarding demo in France

We’re in the French Alps next as MBS put on another sterling mountainboard demo…

KentATB at White Air 2009

The lovely Nobby & Co. at KentATB made this next vid of the big air fun witnessed by thousands at White Air in Brighton 2009…

Mountainboarding Switzerland

A sick compilation vid from Switzerland. Running as a promo for Kosta boards, it features numerous demos alongside the odd bit of freeride. Riders include Marco Dahler with cameos from (as was in 05) ‘Team Exit’ (Kirkman, Downie, VDV, Morrison, Kaye, Wilkinson) hitting the Kosta Showtruck/Big ramp..

MBS Mountain Boarding School Tour

A classic MBS vid from the early noughties featuring insane high school crowds being blown away by Leon Robbins & the US demo team…”interesting..”

Belgiun Mountainboard Demo

Next we’ll head to Antwerp, Belgium in 2007 where Arno, Rudi + pals put on a fine show…

Mountain Boarding – First Double Backflip – Core Tour 2003

Finally we’ll go old skool (ish), back to 2003, and the Core Tour hits the beach in L.A, Californ. I. A… Akoni Kama, Leon Robbins & co set a precedent in freestyle big-air mountainboard demos…