Air Bag at Ride The Hill?

RTH is contemplating adding to their arsenal of mountainboard goodness. Have your say…With many UK Mountainboard Centres (MBC) waking soon (Bugs, HBBP Court Farm, Hale’s B&B Park etc), RTH in Surrey is already open.

Yes Ride the Hill, one of that counties ‘most exciting days out’ (& we tend to agree), opened their gates for 2016 on 12th March. The lift is now running at the weekends and the team have everything prepped for a great year and are looking to attract even more riders…

As we all know they reached peak development of the BX/Slopestyle and so have always looked to improve the freestyle side. The old Orchard became a fun jib park, the foam pit proved a massively popular feature, and their resi-ramp helped riders progress in their aerial antics.


Now they are looking at introducing the UK to it’s first airbag.

Popular in Europe and around the World, this big balloon (or hover craft, without the craft bit) can encourage riders to go bigger and go better…

A big airbag en France

+ Many riders love them; It’s reassuring, extra fun, you can actually feel your landing more and get a better idea of if you’ll ride out safely. And they’re easier to get off of! It’s good for crossover too.

– However it’s gotta be a pretty big expense to invest in and run, and it can burn your skin like mad if your T-shirt rides up and you bare-skin slide any distance (though that’s pretty easily rectified tbh…)

We at Remolition would be all for it if there are enough riders to make it worthwhile. It could be just what is needed for the next generation to get hooked on big air: imagine a new group of inspired locals shredding it regularly- who knows, there could be an influx of sick young riders who could all be the next Matt Brind!?!

We think it could be taken out to demos, or used by manufacturers or even other centres. Especially if it was, say, co – MBS Europe or Trampa sponsored?

We also don’t quite know the form of airbag itself: The one i tried at Loges de Gard in 2005 was quite small, low and flat (not like that big thing ^), but if Ride the Hill can get hold of something like Wild Boards‘ Wildbag, then YES!

But are you excited? Would you use one to practise your tricks? If you were an MBC would you put the money here or somewhere else?

Tell them what you think in this real short questionnaire. Click.

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