Alt. view: R4 @ Ironsides

Once in while it’s good to take a step back and look at the familiar from a different perspective.

We all know Emlyn Bainbridge, Matt Wright and Will McAuley have got skills on a board and in the edit. I heard they had been taking a few stills too while they were hanging out at comps, but not as you would expect of them riding, and I thought it would make an interesting and different looking gallery.

So here it is: a different view of round 4  at Ironsides Court Farm.  Two small galleries, the first from Matt, the other from Emlyn, both from that sunny weekend in the middle of July 2013. There’s also a couple of water pistols thrown in for good measure!



Gallery #1 Matt Wright Behind the Lens




 Gallery #2 Emlyn On the Trigger




With words from riders and photos from Andy Rolfe, the full event report is HERE!