Incredible Comp Photos by Mark Peck

Mark Peck, rider & snapper extraordinaire, was at round 2 of the ATBA-UK series in 2010 to document the action – his photos of the tenacious bx & freestyle q-pipe action at Ironsides paint the mountainboard picture in a unique way; the technique (utilising post-production) adds a further dimension to the images not seen before.

For the techies out there, the pics are shot with a Nikon d300s and edited with a hyper real effect Mark does manually in cs4. He multi-exposes the raw file and blends an hdr from them, then crop, clean, contrast, selective exposure, anti noise(Noise ninja). Dodge and burn alot, Sharpen or blur or both. So there. He has basically created shots that leave you drooling over expressionist details, like a Constable-like sky or a Van Gogh-style wheel spinning, enhancing the action within.

Mark regulary shoots with the Flying Squirrels crew and has photographed some of the best in the UK. Aside from mountainboards, Mark also shoots diverse subjects with the same detail. You should check out his website Squiz Art for more amazing digital & trad photography (we love the frozen motion shots!). There’s of course many more sweet wheelieboard pics to gorge your eyes on too, such as last years ATBA comps & the WFC’s at Bugs. Have a squiz! 

We finish this first exhib with a shot of the evening’s entertainment, but first… get on board! C’mon!