Arno Van den Veyver; Why I need to get back on a board

Yves Coussement vdv photo_edited-1It was a good few years ago I last hooked up and had a roll with Arno. I think it was one XBP’s Trampa Challenge vert jam event thingies. Arno had just swapped board sponsors from MBS to Trampa and was loving his new black springy ride, and not blowing plastic hangers (this was before the Matrix Pro’s and Trampa’s own-brand parts). The sun was out and Arno was chilled as always, looking forward to the new season of mountainboarding, and stoked to be back shredding the UK’s finest turf. (Rem got a nice long interview with Amo Nation, download Remolition-The Interveiws Kindle book to see what he said)

Then, apart from hanging out & sharing a blunt (while Wilz graffed-up Court Farm’s quarter), The Belgian King of style & super smooth jibs went back to Antwerp and seemed to slowly fade out of the scene. It happens.
Arno always seemed to be at any event he could get to, on both sides of the channel, and won the World Freestyle Champ’s, so what happened? I just assumed his life had moved on; things change! We all know people who for whatever reason no longer have the time for mountainboarding that they once did…
So as I was sat on facebook recently, imagine how stoked I was when a message popped up in our inbox saying he was getting back into the sport. So from the man himself, catch up time; where’s he’s been and why he just couldn’t leave mountainboarding alone.


Arno Van den Veyver; Why I need to get back on a board

I’ve been riding mountainboards for about 10yrs now and it has given me so much love and experiences that it would be crazy to just give it all up and to let it become the past.

The last 4yrs I’ve been doing my best to get my life sorted and I’ve taken on a lot of responsibilities which made it hard for me to find the energy to go out and ride more. Before I moved to Maastricht I wasn’t really living a healthy, progressive life. I was working as a stagehand and my life basically consisted of working my ass off, partying and skating in between the two. Along with that lifestyle came smoking the herb and drinking the angels’piss to an excess. I got caught doing graffiti on a rooftop close to the police station when I was pissdrunk at 11.00pm and am still waiting to get convicted for this… The next day I left to go work in Switzerland as a stand builder for a month and that gave me some time to take perspective. I realized that my lifestyle wasn’t going anywhere and decided to do the opposite of how I’ve been living before.

Then I met my girlfriend and a couple months later I moved away from Antwerp. The following years I tried setting up a life with my girlfriend, got a second dog, bought a horse and in the end we bought an old house to renovate. She kept on stacking up injuries and I took care of her, putting my riding aside and ignoring my personal needs (In the four years that I moved away I had a big reality check about friendship, out of sight out of mind seems very right now). This made me depressed and not really motivated to go out by myself to ride. Also all of my riding buddies quit riding and there’s almost no one in the vicinity to go out riding with. Now I realize that I shouldn’t blame anyone besides myself for not going out and ride more. It took me a loooooooooooooong while to find out where I am but now I actually feel like I’m ready for a new beginning! This also means the search for sponsorship is on again so I can ride even more! (All help and suggestions are always welcome)

I’m on fire and have been riding almost daily for the last couple weeks even if it is just tiny and not really worth mentioning, every session is progression!

I’m actually typing this on my 4hr train ride to Truespin skatepark to go and have a little play in their foampit. I’d like to invite anyone who’s into mountainboarding and wanna have a sesh anywhere to get in touch. I’ve got space enough to have you all over. C’MON YOU RIDERS!!! Photographers and filmers are more than welcome too 😉 .

Arno VDV

What’s words without pictures, Arno’s thirst for the mountainboard and his skaters eye’s have taken him to the street for his first shoot bearly a week after he got back from Moscow and the Breakthough demo.

Take a gander at this lot.



vdv street 11