ATBA-UK Series 2012: Round 1

Here is the first installment of Remolition covering 2012’s ATBA-UK Boardercross & Freestyle competitions. Find out what happened through the eyes of the host, the riders, spectators and documentors…

riders ready?

Round One: Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th May: The Centre Manager’s summary!

Who are you and which comp did you host?
I’m Raph La Roche, and I kicked off the season with Round 1 of the International Series at Ironsides Mountainboard Centre, near Hereford.

How did the BoarderX racing go?
The wet weather was one of those double-edged sharp things. It meant we couldn’t use the Orange Run, but it meant the Black Run was running at perfect speed for the Novices to get down without too many worries, and the Pro’s (and other good riders) could do loads of overtaking and nail some crazy inside lines.

What did the riders get up to after the racing?
Chilling out by the big bonfire and listening to tunes. Oh, and dodging Harry with the bangers.

How did the freestyle go?
All the categories were in a jam format which took the pressure off the riders to nail their best tricks in just three runs. There were a few technical difficulties but thats what you get when you try to use computers in a field.

What made this comp special?
So many Novices having their first go at competing. The return of Mark Hale. The weather giving us just the rightamount of wetness. Little Fynley Davies riding like a demon all weekend. Mark Sewell holding off Pete Tatham in the Pro BoarderX qualification races.

Which rider stood out from the crowd?
James Wanklyn, for going up against the likes of Matt Brind and Pete Tatham and winning the Pro BoarderX and Freestyle.

What will you do now it’s over?
Get back to work giving lessons to the riders who’ll be competing next year! 😉

Now, Saturday’s BX racing by Dan Wilson.

Find more (colour!) BX photos on facebook from Iain McConnell 
And here is  Diamond Productions video of sunday’s Freestyle jam. Enjoy.

Congratulations to all the winners and well done to everyone who took part. Find photos of podium winners here and for the full results head straight to the ATBA-UK.
Thanks to Raph and all at Ironsides, all the ATBA crew, riders, friends and contibutors 🙂