International Series Round 3 at Hales Superbole

It was the ATBA-UK International Series. It was at Hales Superbole. Let’s find out what happened from the head honcho himself.

Who are you and which comp did you host?
I am Mark Hale owner of Hale’s board and bike park, I hosted round 3 of the ATBA-UK International Series.

How did the BoarderX racing go?
The BX was insane as always The amount of overtaking and line snatching was sick! The steep again being the main point of action, seperating the boys from the men and the girls from the ladies. Special mention for the groms, our track is fast,steep and gnarly but those tiny riders ripped it up all the same! Overall some great racing from all categories and some exemplary commentating from myself and Chris Horsley, not forgetting Simon Harwoods unforgetable rendition of living the vida loca.

What did the riders get up to after the racing?
Due to a certain council which shall remain nameless we had to cancel the 4 bands and bar we had planned but…. in true Mountain Board fashion we bodged a good night together. Its all slightly fuzzy for some reason but I definitely remember a dance off on the mini ramp/main stage around 8pm. Cometh the mc hammer, cometh The Braith with his spot on ‘cant touch this’ dance routine. Genius!!

After which we got a bit shire funky, set fire to an amp, floodlit the foam pit and waited for the mini ramp madness that has become standard at a Hale’s comp. Again pure craziness going down! With the winning trick laid down by James Wanklyn using circus skills to hand plant 3 off the beam back into the mini. Ending the night with a bit of shire funk, an amp on fire and plenty of laughing. Im pretty sure it went well……?

How did the freestyle go?
The Freestyle sunday was as sweet as a Bolesworth cave troll! With the new 3rd kicker and 1/4 pipe being put to good use it made for a great spectacle.

All sorts of tricks were thrown down on the big wooden faced last table. Matt Brind nearly stomping a 9, the Juniors and Ed Richardson landing frontflips, Chris Horsley switch front flips, Mark Peck grabbed backflips, James Wanklyn switch corked 5, Mickey Morris (Jonah) with his first back flip, Nick Horsley bringing back some Alex Downie steeze trying Misty’s and my good self almost landing corked 5’s. Sorry if I’ve forgotten any other sickness that was laid down, suffice to say everyone killed it! Harry Jessop gets a special mention for proving he can freestyle like a mother! Oh and Team BAD 180’s rule!!

What made this comp special?
The Juniors were the special ingredient for this comp. They raced and freestyled as hard as any. Ben Wanklyn getting a pro time down the track and Matt Wright, Angus McDonald (Mangus!) and little Mark Adams throwing down huge back and front flips! Starting to worry the Pro’s I reckon! Can’t help but buzz watching these four, expecting even bigger things in the future boys!

Which rider stood out from the crowd?
The rider for me that stood out from the crowd had to be Raph La Roche, he either has balls the size of tractor tyres or just no regard for his own safety! We’ll go with the balls for now. Tried his first back flips into the foam pit on the Saturday then goes for them straight to dirt on the Sunday. Fair play dude!!! May we all be blessed with balls as big. Amen.

What will you do now it’s over?
Well I was gonna say have a rest, a beer maybe, but alas no we’re straight off to the Northwich show to do a demo and hire and ride, then open as usual for summer holidays. My holiday is the Scottish Downhill, Scoootland!!! There may also be some smallish plans for new builds at Hale’s but I wont bore you with them now. Big shout out to Alan Molyneux, Ian Cooper, Chris Horsley,Jack Dudley, Matt Brind, Lei Olivia Leonard, Andy Brind and my man Miss James! Couldnt have done it without all your help. And thank you to everyone for coming, see you at Haredown for more of the same. Boom!

Here’s a slideshow from Paul Crilley, and then you really need to check out the Gallery for even more awesome photos from the weekend