UK Series ’15 – Round 3, Downhill at the Fruit Farm

All the action from Round 3 of ATBA-UK Series; Downhill Racing at Fruit Farm, Gloucestershire.

Hayles Fruit Farm is more used to shooting clays than bombing hills, but they made the Mountainboarders more than welcome for the Downhill event.. Andy Rolfe brings you the action…


The fast flowing Downhill track is a new spot on the ATBA-UK Calendar, made up of tracks winding through the picturesque midlands landscape. It certainly was far from tame, it had all the rocky sections, slidely loose corners and tricky off cambers.. Everything that Beiran loves. The sun was out, the uplift was running.. it was race day.

Rhys Cowe came out of hiding to hit up the competition at his local spot, which helped persuade Chris Seymour to trade in his two wheeled follow cam for his first competition experience this year. All the racing through-out the day was crazy close, it was impossible who was going to take the top spots. Mark Childs and Neil Kimmins had a constant battle which was only divided by 0.14th of a second in the masters category.

The pro’s podium was constantly changing between the Brind Brothers, Connor Smout and Beiran. It was only at the end of the day when Beiran destroyed everyone’s time by over a second, with Senior Brind in second. But the main show of the day had to be Andy Brind vs Connor Smout. with only half a second between their already quick times, it really was downhill racing at it’s best.

Check out all the results on the ATBA Website here.

Last but not least, all the thank yous. To all the riders, volunteers, parents, Fruit Farm and ATBA Team; chin chin!