Australian National Champs R1 @ Loch

Dylan Warren brings us a report from the first round of 2013’s Australian National Championships held on 31st March…

John Morton, Australian Mountainboard O.G has an amazing piece of land in south Gippsland, Victoria. He first bought his property in Loch about 10+ years ago, Since that day he has slowly building and working on what is today’s only Mountainboard park in Australia!



For the past couple of months now Dan Foreman, John, myself and a few others have been working on some serious changes up at Loch. Dan the man behind Danscapes landscaping happens to have some amazing skills on a excavator. We have completely changed the rail park and added a ton of new features, we have made a few changes to the boarder cross track and put in a new jump line!

Each year we have an event in Loch called Lochtober, most of the time its in October but some times its november or december haha… anywaaaay with more riders getting into the Aussy scene we wanted to do something bigger! So thats how the National Championships started. So on the 31st of March we all headed down the South Gippsland highway to Loch for the first National event!

In true Mountainboard Fashion it rained all night and made the track muddy and slippery. Im pretty sure the Curva crew had to put the tents back up in the middle of the night because they blew down. We’d done too much work for the event to be cancelled but fortunately Dan had a few bags of cement in his truck so we covered the whole boarder cross in cement powder and it was good to go!


We decided it would be best to do time trial racing instead of head to head because the course was still a little sketchy! which I’m glad we did because I’m pretty sure all of us fell in the mud. There was defiantly a little bit of friendly compeition between the ‘regular’ Mountainboards and the Curva riders (6 wheeled boards). Everyone was charging as hard as they could to get through the mud! About mid day the sun slowly started coming out and the track started to harden up a little. Which made the times become seconds faster and even closer! everyone was running back up the hill to take another run! it got to the point that the times where as close at .1 of a second difference!


About 3′ o’clock we finished up the races and stopped for lunch. John cooked a mean barbie ( which is a barbecue in Australia, sadly there was no shrimp.. because after all Australians only eat shrimp on tha barbie) anywaaaaaay the judges added up the best times and these were the top 3!

1st: Dylan Warren – 17.0     2nd: Trav Morton – 17.01   3rd: John morton 17.03

Next up was the Big Air…

We hadn’t tried out the big air yet because we had been waiting the last couple of weeks for it to get rained on and pack in. so Eddy Kusdiana and myself where the test dummy’s for the day and figured out the right distance for the gaps. The sun had came out and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. The curva boys hit the jumps with some big airs and some cool grabs, dan and eddy got steezy with some spins and such. But it came down to a sudden death between me and Jimmy Reynolds. we both had done our 5 jumps and when the judges had added up the votes it was a draw. so we took another run. Jimmy after not riding in 2 years threw down some gnarly backflips and tried about 4 backside cork 5s. He ended up sticking the 5th one absolutely perfect! I had some serious compeition. i ended up sticking a backflip to backflip a rodeo and a 5. The judges re-counted the votes and i ended up just winning by a few votes!

AustraliaMountainboard_Loch_cWe spent the afternoon having a few bevo’s (beverages) and watching Joel Lee’s kids absolutely shredding the boarder cross track!! It turned out to be an amazing weekend. I just want to thank John, MBS, Dirt Theory and Curva for the support and i can’t wait till next year.. Keep you eyes peeled, hopefully in the next few months i will have an edit up of the rail park and big air!

Mate, come down to Straya and come ride tha bloody jumps at Loch with us ey
Dylan Warren


For the full results go here! and check out the Australian Mountainboarders Group on facebook

Also check out a quick rail sesh @ Loch here! Words by Dyl, Pics by Joel Lee & the Aussie Riders 🙂