Backside 180 Fastplant

Get twisty with the rad backside 180 fastplant. A fastplant is when you take your back foot off the board and plant it on the ground behind your heel edge before popping off it. For this trick you will first need to un-strap/loosen your back binding, depending on what binding setup you use. I have snowboard style bindings so I just take my back foot out completely and put it on the deck in front of the back binding. Its probably handy if you can do the frontside 180 fastplant first as it is a lot easier than a backside 180 fastplant and you’ll be comfortable with footplant tricks.

1. Approach where your going to do the trick, fix your eyes on where your going to plant your back foot. Start to twist your body backside so your facing the way you came.

2. Your board will stop moving as you spin around and plant your back foot in front of the nose of your board. Transfer all your weight onto the foot that�s on the ground, this de-weights the board and will allow you to spin it around easier.

3. Drag the board towards you and jump off the unstrapped foot. When you jump try to jump in the direction you are travelling in, this will help you maintain your momentum. Use your ankle to flick the board around 180 degrees.

4. Important part. Lift your unstrapped foot up high. You don’t want a mountainboard embedded in your shin. It HURTS.

5. Drop your unstrapped foot back onto the board, your weight will be right over the back of the board if you’ve managed to maintain your forward momentum.

6. Slide your unstrapped foot back towards your binding, and try to centralise your weight. Because one foot is unstrapped it’s a lot easier for the board to slip out from underneath you. Now ride out looking steezy because you just nailed a backside 180 fastplant!!

This trick is a lot harder to get than the frontside 180 fastplant but it’s a worthwhile learning. When you start learning it ride on a grippy, flat and predictable surface at a slow speed so if things go wrong you don’t fall over!