Be The Change


Annoyed by all the ancient wisdom cheesily regurgitated these days? Well here’s more; a special compilation de-created with mountainboarding in mind

Remolitionary Dan Wilson’s first piece of artwork he produced for ATB mag (in 2003) was an ‘art page’ that featured the quote “It ain’t about the destination, it’s about the journey there”…


It seems not much has changed! A fan of sloganeering, imagery, cheese and mountainboards, here he presents a new collection of images that reads like a short self-help book, featuring unseen photography alongside those ‘inspirational’ thoughts and quotes. Soak up the pictures and let the words seep into your subconscious… Click through, and just breathe…



Unused quotes eg. “You are the architect of your own disaster”, “Don’t find fault, find a remedy”, and “You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward” may well feature in a follow up feature some year. And it’s not all about the destination or the journey there, it’s about how you travel 🙂

All photos by Dan Wilson/from The Remolition Archive – Feel free to cherry pick your faves and download for your own nefarious online activities!

All words ripped from Googling Life quotes

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