Beaconsfield Bash 2: The Rise of Ultron

Dylan Warren, MBS Australia & co assemble with Remolition & The Avengers to report from the second Beacy Bash


“Last June, we hosted the first ever Beaconsfield Bash in Victoria, ‘stralia mate.  It was great fun and got heaps of kids on Mountainboards so we decided to do it all again, thus the Beaconsfield Bash ROUND 2 was created!

Our vision was to create the sickest portable Mountainboard park possible. A park that caters for beginners to hardcore riders. With some support from MBS-AUS and Nick Fury, we (I) spent a solid 3 weeks in the garage building ramps and rails.

The 18th finally rolled around and we awoke to sun and blues skies! Super stoked for a good day, and hopefully some superheroes would turn up to take selfies with the groms…


DanScapes aka Daniel Foreman aka MBS-AUS team motivator arrived with his truck and trailer in which he had ramps literally packed to the rafters. There was a good 3 hours of setting up, with a small army of kids mowing the hill.

The Avengers rocked up after the hard graft then had to go save some possums from a bushfire, but we were ready to ride!

As soon as it hit 11am people really started arriving.  Riders from all over Victoria had taken the drive to little ol’ Beaconsfield. Shout out to Trav from Curva for taking the trip down all the way from Bright (really far away).


The Beacy Bash is designed to get kids on Mountainboards and that’s exactly what happened. The boys from the last bash had invited their mates and their mates invited their mates, which snowballed into having 60 mates on the hill. It was crazy looking down on the scene, there was literally people everywhere like some sort of crazy ant farm.

The hill was split up into 4 sections.  A beginner line, rail line a jump line and even a make shift boardercross! With plenty of different lines linking them together everyone got super creative.  It’s crazy to watch the progression of kids. A lost of them had never ridden Mountainboards before and by the end of the day the majority of them had learnt 180’s and grinds…

The boardercross masterminded by Danscapes was super fun. You could go as fast as you like over the small drops and rollers or take it easy and do some sweet carves. The rail line was ridiculous. We had built a 4.8 meter platform that put you perfectly into either 2 fly out rails or the golden hand rail.

Mat Wilkins, Daniel packer and Jason Salopek where absolutely crushing it. Taking it in turns to try every trick possible on it…


The jump line was also a blast. There was a couple of small tables that led you into the ‘big kicker’. 14 year old Ben cross was my favorite to watch on the jumps. Slowly working up his confidence by the end of the day he was hitting all the jumps super smooth, throwing in some sweet grabs.

Lunch time came round and everyone sat down for a snag or two. Billy Bell aka Thunda-dawg got everyone out of their seats and straight back on the hill when he announced free #HASHTAG and MBS products for the best tricks! Everyone went nuts trying to put down all types of tricks to impress Thunda-dawg. Danscapes bought back the purple shovel award from the craziest stack and Brett Hillier defiantly deserved it after putting his chest into one of the rails.


Then the Avengers showed up again with Ultron, a cool robot that had this weird menacing edge, like he was about to go off the rails. He did actually, pulling some sick bs 3 to crooked smith board slide business.They were obviously all affected by an alien parasite though and turned on us for a bit, it made me a bit angry and you wouldn’t like me when i’m angry: don’t come the raw prawn with me okay? Then Captain America turned up,  saved the day (as he does), and then took them all off to the superhero cafe for a celebratory feast, leaving us to finish riding in peace. Ultron was well cheesed off.



As the second Beacy Bash came to an end, smiles could be seen for miles. What a day.

Finally Eddy Kusdiana shut it down properly with a massive front 3 Stalefish over the stump to end on a massive, steezy high.



Everyone who participated had a great time and I pretty much guarantee there will be people going out to buy Mountainboards, or at least putting them on their Christmas lists!

A big shout out to everyone who helped out on the day, it wouldn’t be possible without you all!

Exciting things are happening down-unda. Stay tuned for ROUND 3 coming soon!”

Bonus! Movie Special Extra; The Grommet Edit: featuring shaky cam, stacks galore, & rockin’ soundtrack 🙂

Words by Dylan Warren, Photography by Joel Lee and Trav Adams.

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