Beacy Bashin’

MBS Australia’s Danscapes narrates a #mountainboardday story while Radface, R&D Lee and T-Raven bring the visuals


It’s 7:30am on the 20th of June, World Mountainboard Day in Beaconsfield, Victoria.

After the success of the previous two, we’ve organised another Beacy Bash and this time added a fun Downhill comp and an MBS Australia Freestyle demo too.

I’ve just pulled up to Dylan “Radface” Warren’s house where we spent four hours last night building all types of features from kickers & spines to rollers & rails (luckily most of which Dylan and some of the team had constructed during the week).

BeacyBash-Mountainboard-1As I step out off the truck I am welcomed by wet dewy grass as far as the eye can see. A brisk 4 degree chill that instantly consumes me, it was official: I was genuinely concerned! All by myself I sadly start unloading the truck. Then I heard a familiar voice from the end of the street, Mathew “Hard as a cats head” Wilkens, and he had brought coffees. It was then I realized rain, hail or shine- today was going to be flipp’n awesome day!

One by one the team assembled: Our fearless captain Radface picked up the scent of caffeine, Daniel “Pacman” Packer rolls up in his ute ready to load up ramps, then Jason “Footy boy swag” Salopek. Then “T-raven” rocks up and we get all the features on the hill.

While the boys sort out the layout, I’ve headed back across the road to Dylan’s place to finish off the last of the construction. As I’m working away I’m confronted by the most angry, frustrated, confused and nervous person I’ve seen in a long while, unsurprisingly I’m referring to Dyl himself! As he pushes past me he reminds me for the fourth time this morning ‘I’m gonna bloody smash you!”. We both smile as he walks away, as we both know that it’s a physical impossibility to smash me as I’m immortal.BeacyBash-Mountainboard-2

I see a maroon hatchback Honda appear over the hill and an instant smile creeps across my face knowing full well that soon enough I will be hearing that smooth Colorado back country accent uttering the words ‘Damn that’s nice!’… I’m referring of course to the one & only MBS AUS President Joel “R&D” Lee along with his own grommets Jay and Elfie.

It’s now half an hour before kick off and the grommets have started to gather too. They’re doing warm-up stretches, it’s hilarious. It’s at this point I head back across to the hill and bring some tools with me so I can keep working… I wander around and look at the lines the boys have set up and realize one major problem- THERE IS NO ROOM FOR MY DOWN HILL RUN!!! After a bit of yelling back and forth it was sorted out and a compromise was agreed upon. phew.

The 2015 Winter Beaconsfield Bash could officially begin!

“R&D” Lee is running lessons for the newbies, “Radface” is getting everyone to sign waivers, and I’m completing the downhill run, ie making a true mountainboarder-built pallet drop. The dew is slowly dissipating as “Footy boy swag” Salopek sadly makes his way off the hill and heads to his footy game, but the kids are the ones already riding loads, hitting the line of small kickers again & again as their confidence begins to grow.

All the riders are enjoying the great atmosphere and the set-up: “Hard as a cats head” Wilkens is making the most of the rail lines, and Daniel “Pacman” is boosting off the kickers with some clean as hell grabs. More people have a try and look at new boards, all while “T-Raven”, Eddy K, a drone and more capture everything with one lens or another!

So far, so good. We are on schedule! Everyone makes their way across the road for the 12:30pm MBS AUS demo… Over the last six months Dylan and the team have worked hard on making a freestyle setup in the vacant block next door to his house and now it’s SHOW TIME!

I find some high ground and collect everyone’s attention as the boys prepare; they all have five runs each as I get the crowed involved: Yesss! “Cats head” Wilkens’ best run was a big air roast beef followed up by a Frontside Boardslide for dessert. As “Pacman” was hitting some big air grabs his most tasty by far was his stylish backside 360. And as for “Radface”, nothing was left to the imagination, spectators going crazy over the backflips and frontflips.

As the smell of sausages filled the air, the demo was done and I wasn’t sure if my voice would still be with me in the morning. After a feed and a chat it was straight back to the hill and the kids were lining up for the downhill, after a few minor adjustments it was finally time for me to put down the tools and start riding!


The downhill was a success and the grommets start hitting the big line of kickers. Everyone was in their element and it was time to get competitive! We started preparing the downhill time trials and everyone was up top desperate to get a killer time. The course was fairly straightforward with a feature drop off and a couple of rollers.

This course was all about speed! “Radface” sets the bench-mark with a time of 20 seconds flat which a few of us equal until he records a stupid (cheating?) 16 seconds on his next run. This is the best any one of us could muster.

It was very competitive between the grommets, but our super start Ben “Jump Jump” Cross came out with the best time.


“Pacman” had a awesome day landing a ton of smooth tricks unfortunately resulting in a blow to his ribs but it did win him The Annual Green Shovel for this years Bash!

Just as the grommets start hitting the big line of kickers again, we had to let everyone know that it was half an hour till pack-up. This also set a fire under “Radface” and “T-Raven” to quickly get a heap more footage, much to my disgust, as I knew full well this would eat into our tight pack-up schedule… “DO BETTER BOYS!”


So, as we bring all the jumps, rails and features off the hill, the sun slowly sets on what was another awesome Beacy Bash… Now see for yourself how awesome!

Big thank you to MBS AUS and Rumbles Paleo for providing the giveaways & goodies, and to the team who put everything together.

Stay tuned on for more Bashes in the future!!

Cheers, your recreational father,

Dan Foreman, Team Manager MBS AUS.



Photos by Joel Lee, courtesy MBS Australia