Bitchin’ Cream Teas and Jam at Hales Superbole

Daf Price the man behind The Bitches Crew tell the tale of the last serving of Cream Teas and Jam for 2013 held right at the start of August at Hales Superbole

the bitches homeland

The Weather this year so far has been awesome!! Not much Surf down in Pembrokeshire so mountainboarding has been the main focus for The Bitches Crew This year. We usually ride street and a few kickers in the field. Never really attempted any jib lines before.

So what a better why to learn than heading up to Remolitions Cream Teas and Jam event at Hales Superbole
with the master of jib, Mr Mark Hale!

With Friday off, Myself and Wil got all the gear ready, boards, cameras and a lot of beers. As soon as Enya was back from work we all jumped in the landie (Bitch Wagon) and started the 5 hour drive to Hales. By the time we arrived it was pretty late so we  had a walk around the park to see how things looked and the place was looking good and well trimmed up. With it to dark we headed to bed ready to get up early for some practice before things kicked off.


Again we was blessed with another Scooorcher of a day. Everyone was up early and already hitting the ‘Ye Oldie Jib Park’ and all its new lush features. Little Rippers Mark Adam’s and Angus McDonald were pretty much flipping everything. Chris Horsley was showing everyone how wallrides are done and Mark Hale was effortless throwing down some crazy picks and spins. This was Just Practice!!!
After a spot of lunch Smilie sat us all down and explained how the day was going to pan out.  Before heading over to the   Bole where we were going to start the Jam off. Right from the start Mark Adams was on the spotlight by making backflips in the quarter pipe look easy. Alan Newman was hitting the top of the quarter with big disasters. Wil Richardson was very close to landing Mctwist’s and I attempted to backflip in the quarter. I think I landed on my head :-/

Ape Bars cream tea at Hales superbole
After about forty minutes we were done in the Bole, so a bit of voting. Next a  walk up the hill to hit area 2 the slopestyle.

Again some crazy skills was on display, Mark Hale doing some sick nose and tail grinds, Chris Horsley was hitting the big wallride and doing crazy frontflips of a small kicker. Toney Newsome was laying down some steeezy smiths on the round rail and Angus with the bail of the day with a huge one and a half backflip to face of medium wedge. After an hour or two of mountainboarding in the hot sun we decided to go back down the Hill for a spot of Cream Teas.

Next stop, Ye Oldie Jib Park!

All the lines were running smooth and again the little rippers were going for it,. Mark Adams and Angus making it all look so easy. Mark Hale doing some crazy nose picks with crazy spins out, Chris was doing big nollie frontflips and little connor doing some mad handplant on the bottom wall. Yeah it was proper crazy with everyone going off all over the place. Ye Oldie Jib was deffo’ built for Cream Teas and Jam!!

With nearly an hour spent in the Jib there was a bit of vote to see if anyone had any bounce leftin their legs. As the sun was still shining it was decided to go and have short sesh on the  pump track. Which was probably my favourite part of the day even though by binding snapped and had to take a step back to do some to have a watch and do a bit of filming. Despite everyone’s legs feeling it by now peeps was still riding hard with lots of floaty grabs being thrown in here and there. Chris showing it doesn’t matter where the which wallride it was he had 180 out’s on lock.

After a long day of boarding it was finally time for a beer and for Smilie to announced the winners and gave away some Bitchin’ prizes.

Once all the votes where counted, Mark Hale came in first, Angus MacDonald second and Mark Adams third. Toney Newsome got best Trick  with a Smith to 180 out on the rainbow rail in the Ye Oldey Jib park. Angus bagged best bail with acserdental almost double back in the slopestyle and Connor won Best Yoof (best under 16, not placed in the top 3)

Was such a great day and nice to have a chilled atmosphere at a comp rather than the feeling really competitive which you get at other comps. Thanks to Hales Superbole for putting on a great day, Remolition for setting up the awesomeness, Trampa and MBS for all the prizes, Ape Bars for providing an amazing Cream Tea and making such lovely food.

Laters all, Daf


Granted there was a clash with Camp Bestival meaning a all the pro’s were absent enjoying a good ol’ session on ‘Big Blue’. For the rest of you as you missed out on sick days jib comping at Hales Superbole. If you are wondering what you missed take a peek a most wonderful gallery from Enya Judge :o)



Words By Daf Price, photos by Enya Judge both from The Bitches Crew.