Brandon Goode: The Rem Interview

Take some Remolition Special Time™ to join us for a chat with MBS’ crazy mountainboarding wünderkind, the multi-talented Mr Brandon Goode…


MBS_sponsoredWassup Brandon!

Howdy there senór!

 What’ve you been doing today?

Well, it’s about 9am down here on the southside, so I woke up a few hours ago. Just finished my morning routine and had like a 10 minute skate session.

 So you’re from Alabama, set the scene for what it was like growing up there…

I’ve kinda split my childhood between Arkansas and Alabama. They are both pretty sweet places. I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere so there was a pretty good horse riding/farming scene happening. I had aspirations of being a cowboy, but it wasn’t working out too well for me. Most folks are really into hunting, camouflage, and Duck Dynasty (hillbilly reality show here in the states).


Yeah we heard of that show! Seems mad to us gunless Brits lol.. Guessing you were skating & BMXing though pretty much after you could walk?!

Dude, I wish. Fruit booting was 100% my passion for a while. I wised up and started skating around 11 years old. Mountainboarding soon followed, and I caught bmx fever around 16ish maybe? I was rubbish at most of those for a while…

Haha, no shame, Gary Crowhurst was a fruitbooter first too!.. Like a lot of mountain boarders though you mix it up with bikes, other boardsports etc.. We noticed in your Promo vid (released summer ‘13) some of your skating moves are inspired by Kilian Martin style.. who else inspires you?

Definitely! William Spencer is one of my favorites right now. He’s combining a bit of free-running/parkour with his skating and it’s completely mind blowing. Dudes getting weird with their sport….now that’s inspiring!

Most of the sick shots we see of you are taken by your bro Zach. He’s the main documenter of your crazy antics, filming with you as ‘Gnarcoleptic Productions’ and for stills, as shown in his tasty gallery of wallpaper shots on Rem recently.. Whats your relationship like- typical brothers? You’re even in a band together (The Goode Guys)!

TheGoodeGuysAhhhyeeaah! Zach Goode is the backbone of most of what you guys see! I’ve always kinda dragged him into whatever gnar is happening at that time, and he sacrifices a good chunk of his time to make it happen. We’ve also got our two piece band deal going. We’ve been working on an album forever almost, so maybe one of these days we will deliver.

 You’re the lead singer/guitarist and he’s the ‘driving rhythm section’, right?!

Yeah, that’s about right. He murders the drums and I pretty much just scream into a microphone and strum some gtar. We switch up now and then for some variety. Not much actual “music”, but it feels really good afterwards.

How did you come up with the name for the band? hahahhahaha

Haha, dude, it seriously took us a stupid amount of time to come up with that! We’ve got an entire list of other potential names once we get an additional member or two. There are so many possibilities!

 We love the White Stripes & Britney Spears covers by the way 🙂

Britney has always been a huge inspiration behind our music…no doubt!

haha.. So, we heard you got into this crazy mountainboard shiz by seeing it on TV- featured on the ‘Core Tour’. Was that the Bomb Squad Days? ( MBS’ Leon Robbins, Akoni Kama, Dave Sansone, Jereme Leafe etc etc) 

Fsho fsho! I caught the tail end of a high jump competition one day on the television and immediately decided I had to have one. I was already skating at the time, but I was surrounded by farmland so I thought I had found the solution to my problem.

You sure had. What was your first shredstick and where did you take it to ride?


My first board was the MBS Jeep CJ5 or something like that. The one with the handbrake. We would just take it to the woods and bomb gravel roads around our house. When I started learning tricks, I would try to hang the brake in my back pocket, but that rarely ever worked…


When you’d progressed to the Leafe signature board did you go to any of the US comps, like the Fall Classic?

Man, I always wanted to, but being young and living so far away from the scene kinda prevented a lot of that at the time. I had been riding for years before I ever even met another rider, which was at Ted Ladue’s “Trailer Park” in Atlanta.

Ah, the legendary Trailer Park- we’d have loved those Tiki parties for sure..

So basically you killed it on youtube, went to one event and MBS signed you straight away! Must have been cool…

That’s the beauty of the interwebs these days. A dream come true man!

How have you found sponsorship since signing? -has it made any real differences other than getting a new board?

The gear hookups have been nice, but it mainly has given me opportunities to travel with the pro team, do some shows, and meet other riders. Good times.

Yeah so riding with all those guys really cemented your mountainboard passion, and you get to show that passion to the public, cool..

What have these ‘Big Air Stunt Show’ demos you’ve done with the MBS ramp around the States been like?

They’ve been a ton of fun! Hooking up with some of the top pros and hanging out and such has been rad. The ramp itself is nice, but the roll-in scares me to death. Every time. Plus I got worked pretty good on it last year so I’m a bit paranoid now…

MBS_stuntShow_4Yeah didn’t you explode your ankle while on a demo? What happened?

Kinda! So that day I was riding on a borrowed board from Devin Garland (the night before I bent my trucks on a hard landing) so it was already a pretty unfamiliar feeling. The second show of the day I over rotated a frontside 3 nose grab and went down hard. Ended up smashing my face pretty nice and turned my right foot into a jigsaw puzzle, haha. Lots of cracked stuffs and a few torn ligaments. I’m pretty sure heel straps would’ve prevented that whole situation, buuuut, you know how it is….haha. That was the first “serious” injury I’d ever had, so it was definitely an experience.

Yep, we learn the hard way.. Did you find time out made you want to ride harder & better?

Oh, absolutely! At first, the doc wasn’t so sure I could ever really jump around again, so that kind of makes you wanna prove everyone wrong. Sitting on the couch all day will drive a man insane though! It’s taken around 9 months to get back to where I was before, but now I feel like I’ve made some progress, so all is good. Thank God, time heals (most) wounds.

You’re back on it in a big way now and your style is so steezy it hurts just to look at. How are you able to bone and tweak that sh!t so much?

Haha, thank you! I don’t know man….early morning stretches maybe?  I’ve always tried to focus more on doing tricks with style than just hucking some flip/spin so that probably contributes a bit.

And what is it about your drops to flat?!! Don’t you like your knees? !

I really like to jump off stuff, I don’t know. Like, even without the board. Just jumping off roofs and whatnot, haha. Living where I live, we were never able to get a landing ramp built, so the only option was airing to flat. Trust me, I’ve always wanted a landing ramp, they were just never really an option. I guess you kinda just adapt and do whatcha gotta do, you know?


In 2013 we’ve seen you take freestyle trickery to a new place.  Tell us about the backflip to bombdrop…

That trick goes back to the whole “jumping off stuff to flat” deal, haha. I just like to do backflips (parkour style) off of everything within reason, so I thought it made sense to strap the board on my feet and go for it.

It was way different than I had imagined, but after about a week I got it down pretty well. The board is like this giant anchor that’s dragging your rotation down, so that’s the hardest part. Without a ramp giving you momentum for the flip it’s totally weird. The key is, the bigger the drop, the easier the flip. However, that also makes it more risky, so you kinda trade off.

I’ve got a few more ideas for it, so hopefully we can make those happen pretty soon. The trick really opens up a new realm of possibilities, so I hope some other mountainboard folks will push that forward…

And how about the Superman & the Fingerflip? We’ve seen this stuff in the past but somehow you made it new, made them your own…

Yeah man, I love those tricks! haha  One footers and such have always been my favorite tricks, so it just made sense to take both feet out. Plus I knew it would produce the sickest shots ever. Justin Rhodes did them both long before I ever did, so I tried to research his technique. I figured if anybody else was to do them, why not me? haha. The superman isn’t too hard, you just wanna make them look good. Fingerflips are pretty funky though. I just want to show that there’s so much more you can do than just your typical spins/grabs/flips.

If you’re reading this, join me in our quest for variety!



Do you practice these crazy tricks on a trampoline or foampit first or what?

Dude, I really wish I could. I’ve honestly never even seen a foam pit it real life, nor do I own a trampoline, haha. I usually just go for it to softish dirt, but recently I started stacking cardboard boxes and jumping into them. As long as you don’t land upside down, it works pretty amazing!

Yeah that’s old skool stuntman trickery right there, ingenious!

Redneck foampit my friend!

What’s your fave tricks to do at the moment?

Method grabs, judos, backflip indys (below), and supermans. Oh, and frontside spins f’days! 


What do you think about (UK Pro) Matt Brind’s NitroCircus-Live appearances? He recently scored some incredible firsts in ‘big air’ type freestyle by getting to play on their mega ramp.. Could you be the next rider to join him!?

I think it’s awesome man, and I’m super psyched for him and all the progression that’s happening. Putting mountainboarding in front of such a large audience can only be good for the sport. And hey, I’m definitely down, just say when!

Especially with the spiderman outfit!

Spandex is the way to go!

So is it ALL about tricks? how do you feel about freeriding?

I tend to lean toward tricks, but I love freeriding and carving. There’s no better feeling than bombing a hill and cutting some grass. 4down.

Believe! Ok, so tell us about any of your most memorable mountainboard sessions…

I met up with John Diurba out in Frisco, CO last summer and had the best session ever on his portable kicker. We set it up at some local park and used a natural hill for the landing. One of my favorite sessions for sure. That type of riding is probably what I relate to most, so it was a super good time. Diurba is such a great guy, so getting to meet him and shred was a blessing…

You also just took part in Hucktoberfest, a regular boarding & crossover comp/party at Ted Ladue’s Trailer Park. How’d it go?

Huck7 was a super good time! Good amount of boarders and bikers both going ham. I really enjoy those kinda sessions, you know? Everyone is sorta feeding off one another, so there’s no telling what might go down. Ted also had a giant flaming rooster/seesaw contraption which was totally incredible!

Sounds errr, cool!.. So what are your plans for the future? – like when are you coming to ride the UK?!

Just trying to film and shoot whatever nonsense comes to mind.  I wanna come out there and ride as soon as possible! Just waiting for the logistics of the operation to come together.

Sweet… Wrapping up, got any advice for newbies just getting into riding?

Have fun. Don’t use landing ramps. Tweak your grabs. Wear a helmet while flipping.

MBSartyShout outs time!!!!

Zach Goode for all his gnar documentation and being a bro.

Jason Lee for the opportunity to ride for MBS and travel with the team.

All my family and friends, it would take an eternity to list names.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Remolition for this opportunity!

Word! 😀  And finally, the random remolicious quick fire questions.. Here we go!


How many pairs of shoes do you own?


What do you call your mountainboard?

Wheelieboard – I think I stole that from Radface.

Tyre colour?

Black and yellow, black and yellow.

180_Helmet_through_legsBombdrop or acid drop?

I don’t recommend dropping bombs or acid.

Afro or Jeri curls?


Coffee or tea?


A satisfying yawn or realizing your hiccups have gone?

I seriously yawned as I read the word….

Twerking or Working bitch?

Say what?!?

Last film you loved?

Sasquatch Gang.

Last album you got?

Kings Of Leon. Mechanical Bull.

Life moves pretty fast?

Hold on loosely, but don’t let go.

BGoode_crazyDropWrong, ask Ferris B: “If you don’t stop & take a look around, you could miss it.”

Chris Cole or Cam McCaul?

Tough one, hmmmm…. Chris Cole.

Page or Hendrix?

Most definitely Page.

Who put the bling in wobbling?

Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!

Green or brown?


Cats or dogs?


Pop Tarts or Milk n Cereal?

Strawberry poptarts crushed up inside a bowl of strawberry frosted mini wheats, with strawberry milk.

Any good places to eat round here?

You guys gotta Chick Fil A?

Nope! 🙂 Brandon, thank you very muchly indeed sir.

My pleasure!


Brandon’s awesome film ‘Promo 2013‘ was featured as Remolition Vid of the Moment in September ’13. 

Watch a whole world of Goodeness (hoho) on Brandon’s YouTube Channel, including sick mountainboarding, musical cover versions, epic crossover productions (including the awesome ‘Urban Kayaking’), and go back in time to the 2008 ‘Simple Sessions’ that originally caught the eyes of MBS.

Follow Brandon_Beuno on Instagram.

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Read about the whole US team on the MBS website.

Massive thanks to the brothers Goode!

All images courtesy & copyright of Zach Goode and MBS Mountainboards.