Cheeky Little b*st*rds

A photographic hymn to the Downhill characters playing in the summer woods

Dan Wilson introduces this monster mountainboard gallery from Little B: Round 5 of the UK Series 2014…

“I’d got a new SLR for my 40th (merci Kéo x) so was excited about this it’s first use out in the wheelieboard field. Again I was test-rider the day before the event so knew how the track was running: speed, danger points that needed marking, where we had to strim the scrub etc. This gave me not only experience of what all the competitors were about to do, it gave me a good feel for where i was going to shoot from.

Man the course was quick, having been baked in recent weeks. The beginning section like the anticipation rise of a roller coaster, before shoooom dropping into the main descent of twists & chicanes, hips, dips & drops. Dusty lovely berms that hugged you (built by Harry & Roger a few months ago), getting barrelled by the overhanging trees, cheeky scrubs, killer whoops at the end… Phew!

The stills hopefully document the event well and capture some of the great fun had by all; the awesome characters within our niche, the moments of beauty in the lush nature of where we are, and the frozen clarity of both careless and sublime riding…”



Read all about the event and watch the official video in our separate Remolicious Field Report

Anyone for a bun fight?

All pictures by Dan Wilson (aka Decreate). Copyright Remolition 2014.