The first Mountainboard Calendar for 2016!

In Europe 2015 was another great year for events; The Italian, Belgian, German & French Opens went off. In the UK we had an unbelievable 6 round series of unadulterated ATBA wheelieboard goodness, which were not so heavily attended, while the World BX in Grosserlach was. The States ran Hucktoberfest, Brazil boarded and Russia rocked…  With all that in mind, let’s look at how 2016 is shaping up!

The IMA has just released the first calendar- available as a pdf to download

It’s already hotting up for August: it will be a month of major action and perfect for those who love road tripping! No doubt many riders will go straight from the new single-round mighty ATBA-UK Championships (held at Hales) straight to the World BX which is returning to Serbia


There’s load more dates yet to be announced too. Where will the World Freestyle Championships take place for instance?MattBrind_Mountainboarder_27


We’re looking forward to more riders and UK mountainboard Centres hosting their own events in the gap left by the UK series, eg Hereford Board & Bike Park will no doubt be putting on great Jam events like ‘Get Creative‘ again, and to fill the downhill gap there will be more public ‘freeride’ style meet-ups, such as the Remolition/Team Dad Lake District Weekender in July.

Let’s have another great year of mountainboard meet-ups with our awesome family, friends, and frenemies 🙂

Get to as many events as you can, the sport is depending on you!

Have a great 2016