Count Down to #RBYJS at Amon’s

Being away at college has meant Amon hasn’t had much time to spend in his park (or would that be in his allotment), riding or building. After a long damp winter the whole place was looking a shabby. Seeing as it’s half term Amon, his brother and a few friends thought it was a good excuse to get the tools out and spend this week changing his whole park around.  So you all get to see what happens as it changes, here on Rem and Amon’s FB profile we are going to bring you a day by day as it builds updates.


No post today from Amon, guessing with Connor and Will already in the place, I’m guessing they were busy sessioning Amon’s awesome park and swapping carpentry secrets 😉  Instead we have Connor’s intsta’ trail as him Will made their way north to Robin Hood country.

And by the looks of things if Amon’s round of the Remolition Backyard Jam series was sponsored by Carlsberg it wouldn’t be much different. Those photo’s don’t lie that really is a tree house with proper buck beds, nice veggie patch as well 🙂

In other news we have had two drop outs; Andy Brind has dropped out due to a diary malfunction or maybe Matt told him the wrong dates so he wouldn’t get beat by is little bro 😉 And Ryan Roberts can’t tear himself away from Rubble’s Ramps. If you have seen it on FB you can see why,  Rubbles Ramps

Count down complete! We are all buckled in and ready for Amon’s backyard jam to go off!! Stand back people it might burn your eyes!



And has promised Amon has been out and hired a roller and the bumpy field is no more! Amon your legend, take a whole load of top bloke points (round of applause, please gents). Apart from some rollerin’ it rained so some tea was drunk and no doubt more crazy plans made ;o)2 days to go


away team travels


This more tomorrows new but you know how we like to stay ahead of the game here on Remolition. Riders be on the more already all being well Matt Wright arrived in Robin Hood country this morning. To get an early glimpse at the away park the Dark Team captains Will McAuley and Connor Tyson have jumped (more dragged what looks like the whole teams worth of kit) on to a train and head North.






Not much to report, it rained, the tarpaulins came out and not much got done :o( Soft ground does mean the roller is out on Wednesday to smooth out the park after a winter being grazed by the sheep :o)


Day three in the Amon’s Allotment and the team have been busy building a quarter out of parts from Renny’s. Covered a few more kickers in plywood and built not one but two wall rides. As well as getting some more of last years stuff out the barn.

4 days to go



Yesterdays (Sunday) exploits were; Amon and band of merry builders took a trip to Renny Myles’s (the man with the style and yellow helmet) house to pick some jump frames and building materials. Built a little kick at the bottom of the new roll-in. Re-plyed some stuff, and made a sick new line with a roller in it!



Amon and Co have re-plyed the kicker, fixed the ‘northshaw drop’ (like it that’s a North ‘Shaw’ drop not Northshore drop ;o) and made a new roll in for a kicker line.