Cream Teas and Jam 2012


Defiant end of the session, lots of new faces to ride even more jibnidge but the same civilised break for afternoon tea.

‘It simply wouldn’t be have been Knockhill MBC to have done anything else’

Once again the whole centre was divided into 4 zones. Riders then sessioned each zone for about 45 minutes-ish or till everyone had enough (whichever came first). Papers were handed out and everyone ranked the top 5  riders they thought who had been the best,sickest, tech-est,dope-est, most steezy, all round created more and out jibbed the rest. At the end of the day the rider with the highest score was the winner. That’s not say as per normal the top 3 riders walked off with the loot between them. Anyone could win something at any time with plenty of spot prizes being thrown to any willing to step it up.

Yup it was another classic ct&j!  If you wanna know who finished were then check out the results on Rem Extra

Photo time!


Zone 1: The twins (mini line of wooden kickers on top wedge-ey wooden landing) and big air setup.

Yup that was a pretty big zone spread over the back of  Knockhill dry ski slope.



Zone 2: A rail, a small kicker, large table top and tomb stone bowl


Zone 3: From one tree to another, Stair case rail, flat bank, sliders and crazy plywood creations


Zone 4: Like zone 1 split into two; first 1/4’s plus a few sliders. Second, wall ride and big tire stall

I wasn’t the only one person there weaving a camera action Knockhill local Sri Jivas Southhall was there getting some n’iice angles.

Check them out in his Flickr show


This wouldn’t be a full event type gallery if it didn’t include all the media!

Here’s Roger T (Knockhill mbc owner, filmer, shredder and all round top bloke) Cream Teas and Jam 2012 edit.

cream teas and jam 2012 at knockhill-mbc from Roger Thurston on Vimeo.

That’s all folks, happy jibbings