Cream Teas and Jam at Knockhill

CreamTeas2013R1_MountainboardingJune ’13 and this fifth serving of the most convivial of events and for the first time in like ever riders could make a weekend of it in the jibtastic grounds of Knockhill MBC. Saturday was all about pro freestyle tips and taking the chance to get some new tricknidge on lock for Knockhill’s Away Day. Matt Brind had an exam clash and luckily the guy who beat Matt to the ATBAUK freestyle top spot, James Wanklyn, was able to step in at the last minute.  And by all accounts James did an awesome job and showed he is as good at teaching mountainboarding as he is at mountainboarding. Props to ya James W “take a whole load top rider Remolition points” ;o)

And for those wondering or have missed what an ATBAUK Away Day is all about, it’s real simple. They aren’t big old comps or a massive all seeing and shouting weekend event thing. It’s all about the basic fun and soul food of hooking up with mountainboarders at a mountainboard centre you normally wouldn’t go to. The next one is on the 29th June at Another World Adventure centre and looks like it going to be good’un. With a new bx track begging to christened properly, all day BBQ and a bar and bands for Saturday night campers, it’s become a ‘Big Weekend’. Yup it’s deffo going to worth making the trip to Halifax for! Click here for most the info and or check the FB event page

That was the Saturday canapé to Sunday’s jibbing high tea complete with fine cakes by Fern and lashings of Redbull handed or thrown to riders by the girls from South Wiiings team :o)

Once again Roger and Kim, Knockhill’s proprietors, didn’t disappoint with the whole centre in the most exquisite condition and sitting pride of place in the middle of the park Knockhill’s newest feature, The Barrels (think massive spine and you won’t be far wrong). The sun was out but the weather wasn’t too hot making it  most pleasant for an  afternoon’s wheelieboard jibbing. Both Matt Brind and me (smilie) were running late so James Wanklyn showing he is a true gentleman stepped up to play host on the hill. The stage was set set for Knockhill’s round Cream Teas to be another classic.

And if you didn’t make it along it will suffice to say you missed out! And by now you will have seen the galleries on facebook and viewed Connor’s and Fanged Rabbits most marvellous of edits. So you know what you missed and you should be thinking of asking your butler to put Hales Supurbole round on the 3rd of August in diary.

I’m also not going to go through all the bonks, shall’s, taps, slides n’grinds and BLUNT. Yeah, you jolly well read that right I wrote blunt (Stall on the front to wheels). Ryan Roberts the man who was there first to get 5-O tale coping picks on lock on any quarter is now added rotation to blunt to his picnic hamper of tricks which inclueded a 180 to rock to 180 out.

It wasn’t just Ryan who had brought his splendid tricks, this group rascals also had a spiffing collection of jibs. Here a few of the best:

Toney Newsome for trying to smith on the handrail thing and smith to 50/50 on one of the boxs.

Emlyn, 540 off the drop (it’s a small drop only really a couple feet high)

Sam Penny foot plant on the barrels

Johnny Wheeler  flip off whale tale and flip off the rhythm section

“With tricks like this they were is truly spoils us”

It wasn’t just these gent’s throwing everyone was doing their damdest to land some new steeze jibnidge


The honered riders from round 1 of Cream Tea’s and Jam @ Knockhill are


Ben Roberts

Hugo Heaney

Jack Roberts



Teeny Jennelf

Jenna Collins


Over 16

Ryan Roberts

Emlyn Bainbridge

Johnny Wheeler

Best jib; Emlyn Bainbridge switch 270 to nose pick on the mini quarter

Best photo nominated by Andy Rolfe Alan Newman; Transfer between one quarter to the other.

Best Bail; Johnny Wheeler over rotated front flip to face

For you viewing pleasure here’s;

Connor’s edit

And here’s Connor’s FB gallery 

That’s not it the cute dangerous ones or Fanged Rabbits knock out this jolly good little edit

If this smorgasbord of jibbing delights isn’t enough head to Knockhill mbc facebook page for your second course.

Before I retire to the drawing room with my pipe and smoking jacket I have one last thing to do and that’s thank the prize sponsors MBS Europe, The Bitches Crew, Trampa, Red Bull and SnowLab. Our gracious hosts Roger and Kim for creating Knockhill mbc and making the place look so good and putting up some cash for the winner. Aiden Beamish for making the medals.  And last but not least James Wanklyn for all he put in over the weekend. Thanks mate you are awesome!

Next up we will be heading north to land of racehorse trainers and footballers, Cheshire. To pay a visit to Mark ‘Jib Master’ Hale in his palatial grounds of Hales Superbole on the 3rd of August

See you there.

Toodle pip