Crimbo and new year freeride-ey goodnes

Dale Goodwin fills us in on freeride goodness coming up in December and January

Two absolutely awesome Mountainboardey freeride meets are coming up:

Saturday 7th December 2013 – 11am. Cleeve Hill Christmas Cracker Freeride.

The second is being sorted out my the mighty by Phil de Havilland-Hall (PD2H) Sunday 12th January 2014 – 11am. Coneygree Woods near Ledbury.

Most riders already know and love Cleeve, especially breakers. It’s my home turf and I regularly shred it! What with British Winter coming along nicely, expect high winds (so strong last week, it was air braking me considerably!) and wet, slippy grass! I’m hoping to take everyone to a spot round the back (20 minute walk in), in the valley for some jib jibbery and jumps. It’s a stunning spot I showed Roger S very recently! Then heading back to in and around Breakers for some gnarly line finding, damn I love that tight right hander! No brakes, 9’s or 10’s prohibited.

As for Coneygree Woods Phil gives us  the low down on all the woodland creatures we are likely to meet.

The woods outside of Ledbury locally known as Coneygree woods are a little freeride haven encased in some leafy goodness. There maybe trolls and orc’s but the trails will have you flying by too fast to notice well if you’re that way inclined. Where you lay your vehicle to rest joins a wide open path that is a giggle for a warmup run, this path can be followed either up or down the hill. Going up leads you to the top of a few wooded runs that lead back to the bottom section of the wide path and across into more wooded territory, these wooded runs can be fast and technical or taken at their own pace. Most notable of which contains a fab S bend with bermed high sides this spits you out to the top of a long set of stairs that can be ridden back to the main road. The next run back to the vehicle resting point can be taken from the top across the main path and down to a big bowl quarry type affair with all kinds of freestyle monkey hits and a nice table top (weather depending), days gone by have seen all kinds of freestyle trickery happen down there. In the most part though, this is woodland fun times, muddy, leafy and drifty!
Hope you can all make at least one, if not both rides!

Keep shredding, cya soon.

Dale Goodwin.


Photo of  Bridleway, Coneygree Wood Copyright Philip Halling