Decreate: Sketchbook 2

Artist, rider, and all round remolitionary Dan Wilson brings us a second exhibition of rarely-seen priceless scribbles and doodles from his archives. Filling sketchbooks at a rate of at-least-a-page-a-day for the last decade, they often feature wheelie-boards, as well as a plethora of other random stuff that floats through his subconscious.

This exhibition sequel is just a small taster of the sketchbook artwork, scanned in and displayed for your viewing pleasure; from thoughts & reflections to graf & cartoons. There’s performing monkeys, mountainboard monsters, a few pages of doodles from ATB mag & TerWare days, and some stuff from an unfinished project (from ’04) called ‘rideATB’. There’s also some more recent scrawlings, including a hint of what inspired Tom Kirkman to work with Dan Dan the artist man (aka *WiL*) on his signature board from MBS, the TK Pro 100, but that’s another story…

Enjoy the difference, sick heads.