Dirt-Monkey’s view of #RBYJS at Will’s Place

This is it the last tasty bit of media shizz from The Remolition Backyard Jam Series Round 1, held at Will’s place on May 4th and we are ending with a banger! Yup, that’s right you couldn’t have a jam (with some of the best mountainboarders in the UK) without the best lensmen there to capture the action…

So here it is; #rbyjs from the Dirt-monkey perspective. Strong, the force is with them ;o)


Before I close this it’s worth mentioning props to all the photographers and film makers. It wasn’t the easiest of shoots, riders were hitting different features and riding all sorts of lines. So it was very tricky for them to know were to point their cameras next!

Liking your work folks :o)


Keep your eyes on the RBYJS page for the next stop: Amon’s Allotment on the 1st of June 2013