Driftastic freeride photography

The Dirt Monkeys’ Daz Murphy got back behind the lens at a freeride meet in the woods one Sunday in the middle of November. Here’s his photo essay, capturing some of the moments of drifting, slashing, jumping, tree climbing, chatting, and eating, all in this beautiful spot half-hour west of London…

From 10 in the misty morning till after dark, a load of freeride lovers sessioned Kings Wood in Bucks. Really pushing it all day, there were riders from MEBA, ATBShop, The ATBA, The Rem Crew, and more (including Daz’s lil son Jed!) hitting all levels of runs, paths, tracks, drops and other such wheelieboard goodness.

Daz & his trusty camera accompanied several of the riders to the bombhole, then met up with the rest of the riders at challenging run ‘The Mummy’, before shooting some major leaf slashing at ‘The Daddy’, and finishing off with a session on a log jump at ‘Roger’s Crack’ (lol).
For the riders, it was a full day. There was always someone rolling down, trudging up, on the move. For Daz, it was a chance to capture some of the atmosphere, and he does that brilliantly: You can almost feel the cool mist in the air, smell the earthiness, and hear the leaves crackle and whirr as riders hoon past.

But I should let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy.

Thanks to all 🙂
Photos Copyright Darren Murphy/Dirt Monkeys 2011