Durham Guerilla Jam

An exciting grassroots UK comp featuring pump-track-mad mountainboard monkeys!

While the rain poured down south, up north it was getting hairy. Hairy of the guerilla kind.

Wilmington BMX track, home to a failed BMX club and failed ski shop, might be ghetto by BMX standards but with tarmacked berms and some good gradient it is ground breaking by mountainboarding standards, and the perfect place for the first ever Durham Guerilla Jam.

What made it guerrilla? Well, Scott, the chief gorilla, found the track and organised a meet for NE⚡AT (North Eastern All Terrain) Boarders, which spawned the idea for a competition, and the guys from NE⚡AT just got on and organised it. Simple as that. No asking for permission, no suggesting someone else do, just getting on with it and making it a success.

And a success it was. 11 riders, 44 races, more overtaking than you’d see on a usual BoarderX track, fun for everyone including the local kids who’d probably never seen anything like it…


Highlights of the Day:

  • Making Lane choice by rolling dice.
  • Making better riders ride is switch when drawn against less experienced riders.
  • Lewis nailing the track despite only riding for one day using his laid-back longboard style.
  • Morgan doing a ninja overtake on the final straight when Cheb thought the win was in the bag.
  • Collecting stickers for winning a race and being cool. With whoever has the most stickers at the end winning.
  • Andy Brind unbeaten in every race!


If you’d like more info about NEAT Boarders, riding with them, or organising your own guerrilla comp, get in touch through Facebook

Words and pics courtesy NEAT!

On yer Maras.