Dutch Open 2016

October 2016 saw the Dutch Open take place in Groningen

Mountainboarding in Holland will literally melt your face off

With awesome international riders in attendance like Nicky Geerse and Arno VDV, this event in what is NOT the hilliest place ever still went off with the sick pump track and massive jumps!


Arno VDV goes huge (before doing in his knee!)

Team Trampa went over for the jolly, and Welsh mountainboard Bitch Daf Price ‘reports’ on what went down in his own inimitable style…

“As soon as we got there the comp’ started, so we quickly smashed a beer then padded up.” 

“The place is so sweet! Music blasting jumps everywhere and a really fun pump track.”

“No joke some of the sickest stunts I’ve ever seen…”

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Check out a load of sick pictures of this rad low-fi event on Mountainboard Park Groningen Facebook. For realz!