Dylan Warren Exclusive


Remolition presents an exclusive chat with MBS Pro shredder Dyl ‘Radface’ Dollar & his videographer honcho The Sideways Monkey, alongside the awesome promo vid itself & 10 minutes of Outtakes & deleted scenes.

It’s like a DVD with all the bonus features! Just press play…

Hey Dawg! So ‘Winter 2012’  took 6 months of riding & filming right?

Yeah we started around the beginning of winter! It took a long time to get all the footage we wanted. Melbourne has very temperamental weather so it was hard to get out some days. We didn’t want to rush the project and wanted to pack as much sick stuff in as possible. we finished filming at the end of winter and Sean had spent days editing it and had it up when i was in the U.S.

Melbourne: 4 seasons in one day 😉 Did your time spent in the States with the MBS crew influence how/what you ride? 

We had the film done before i went to the states but I’ve been there a few times and they do have a lot of gnarly spots that have influenced me for sure.

 Sideways Monkey who films n edits is your bud.. What’s it like shooting with him?

Yeah Sean’s (meaney) is a good mate of mine, i have known him for a few years know. i actually met him on a train going to the skatepark a few years backhaha. We’ve done a few small videos together over the years. I decided to film with him because i know he can get a good shot and knows the kinda style iwas looking to portray. He knows more about cameras then anyone i know haha. He is always keen to come out filming even though he lives an hour & a half away by train!

Did you set out to make a ‘different’ kind of vid?

Yeah for sure! Pretty much the point of the video! I’m sick of seeing the same old videos of people hitting the same old jumps and boarder cross tracks. Mountainboarding is so versatile & i think sometimes people forget that. You can ride anything! you don’t have to be hucking 9s or doubles, i just want to see some steezy shit! So hopefully this will make kids think a little different.

MeltonReservoir2It’s got some varied & mental locations in it… Where n what are the big concrete structures for instance?

yeah that’s actually a big drain in a place called Melton which is about 30 minutes out of the city. It’s off the backside of a reservoir and is a really famous Melbourne skatespot. I don’t know if you’ve heard of a graffiti artist Necklace from the U.S but he has had a few pieces there over the years.


Err not off the top of me head.. Did you set out to show riding in these mad spots or are they just what you normally ride when at home in Melbourne?

umm we did do a lot of traveling around Melbourne for this video. Heaps of time in the car driving to spots, riding and sussing them out. But there are a lot of spots from around my house actually. A lot of times i’d just be driving around and be like ” i could put a ramp there” or whatever.  The spot at  0.47 is in Melbourne City, 1.01 is actually next to my house and the one at 1.13 is at Andy’s (Milenkovic) house.

There’s only one or two shots of freeride-type outdoors-ey riding, surely there’s some awesome big freeride in Victoria? (eg Yarra Ranges, Grampians etc)

Yeah dude there is loads of good free riding spots in Victoria! There’s a few shots in the bonus video of me riding the You Yangs national park where there is heaps of sick trails. The Yarra Ranges, Lysterfield and The Dandenongs all have great free ride spots. You often see kangaroos out in those places too. I actually rode over a snake at the You Yangs one day now i think of it.

Haha 🙂 The main promo’s got a real street/skate/urban snowboard type vibe to it.. You’re well at home smashing stair sets, dropping roofs, shredding rails etc. playful jibblogy is suited well to city parks, sk8park & mbc’s etc…

Yeah I’ve always loved riding rails and gaps more then anything. I grew up skating and still skate a lot with my friends. We skate a lot of street so i guess it rubbed off on my mountainboarding.


The monster road gap and huge ollie’s over fences etc are sweet.. how d’you get over any fears of getting yr wheels hooked up doing them?

Ollie high? haha not sure. Drink beers. I duno you kinda get used to it and become comfortable with your own ability and know how high you can ollie and what’s your limit.


Makes sense. You don’t show any bails or failed attempts in the main vid.. do you just nail everything first time all the time ?

Yeah the song is pretty short and we wanted to make the video quick-paced and in your face, so we didn’t really have any extra seconds to spare with bails etc to fit in the clip. but yeah i definately bled a lot for this video haha. You’ll see some bails in the bonus clip. I landed probably half the stuff first try or did it again because i didn’t like the way it looked and the other half i bailed a lot haha. The gap over the tree stump to board slide took me about 20 tries, falling onto my butt.

Yeh we get that in the bonus vid! Well funny. Also, why don’t you get a hat that stays on your head? Lol

hahhaa i know! i really need to sticky tape it to my face. Its actually pretty funny watching the footage back seeing how many times i lost my bloody hat!


With that in mind, what d’you say to those who think all pro riders should be ‘setting a good example’ by wearing pads n lid all the time?

haha this argument has been going on for a long time, I think f*ck the haters! Seriously, wear what you want to wear, whether its armour, helmet & pads or wearing none. Nothing irritates me more then people trying to tell others how to ride or what to wear. We should be able to make our own decisions, not be told what to do. Thats why i hated traditional sports. Don’t get me wrong- i think pads are a real good idea if you’re a grom, hitting a big jump or doing a demo, in competitions, or teaching kids. I personally prefer to ride without pads because it makes me feel more comfortable with my riding, pads kinda make me feel restricted or something. but yeah i’ll put a helmet on if I’m doing an event or whatever!


It’s a pretty short vid, chock full of sickness. How much footy was left on the cutting room floor (ie:hard drive)?

We have so much footage! we only wanted to show the best stuff and it fitted the song well so thats why its so short. But you’ll see in the bonus material how much stuff we didn’t use, and that’s just some of it.

Is that why there’s a new edit?

Yeah it’s not necessarily a polished edit like the original clip. It’s more a raw video of the useable leftover footage we had laying around. It’s pretty much the alternate angles, bails, different spots, tricks that didn’t make the final cut and some shots of other riders and stuff! Its more of a fun edit so people can see all the stuff that didn’t make it.

Were there other contributors?

Trav Adams, one of the boys i skate with, is also a really sick filmer; i went out with him a few days and he got some real sick shots that we used for the final edit! Heath Clarke also got some footage. Jesus Josh also helped me heeps with the ramps and building stuff… All the BGC and skatepark boys also helped out heeps!


Good work those fellaz! So it’s gotta be asked…What are you planning next?

Well we are about to start shooting the summer clip so give us a few months and we should have something fresh! Me and a few of the other Melbourne guys have started a little crew of dudes that are going to put some webisodes out over the summer so keep your eye out for HOWYAGOWAN. I also have a few other things in the pipeline so stay tuned…

We will! Good on yer Dyl. 

Now, Winter 2012: the bonus edit


And now some Q & A’s for The Sideways Monkey 🙂


 Sean, what got you into filming? how long have you been doing it for?
I started filming because I wasn’t good at skateboarding and always got stuck as the guy holding the camera for my friends, I think it first started filming in year 9 of highschool or something so around 15-16 years old. I had been shooting photos since around the age of 13.

What’s your current camera tech set up?
My go to skate/mountain board rig is a canon 5dmkiii with a 14mm fisheye with a jag35 shoulder rig and D focus follow focus, besides that I have a few different lens’s my holga 60mm and my olympus 50mm 1.8 are two of my favourite lens’s right now just because they are a little vintage and have a unique look.

What do you do besides film? any other hobbies?
I am more of a photographer than I am a filmer, but besides the whole media side of things I love downhill skateboarding/luge and surfing.

What are you thoughts on Mountainboarding?
From a filming stand point I love it, it opens doors when it comes to spots that are rideable and you can really go some different stuff with it that you cant do with skateboarding or any other sport really which just keeps me excited.

 Filming with Dylan must of been a laugh, what was the funniest thing that happened during filming?
It’s a tie I reckon, Trav greening out at a pitstop on our way to film a spot was pretty funny or building nunchuks with Jesus Josh after a morning session.

Whats the gnarliest thing you have filmed?
In this clip it was definently the two big step down gaps they where both so gnar that I wasn’t even that comfortable encouraging dylan to hit them. I would say the gnarliest thing I have ever filmed outside of the project was a gap to 50-50 on a freebord at Melbourne drains, it took like 4 months to film because the rider totalled his wrist twice trying to land it and just had the dedication to want to go back and get it.

What was the hardest thing to film? did you have any troubles in production?
The hardest thing for me to film is lines, its not something I really practice and do much so having guys like Heath or Trav around who film a lot more street skating than I do really helped. Biggest issue in production was time, I am a shitty editor and I am one of those guys who will never knock back work so I just kept taking more and more stuff on while I was editing and filming this.

How long did the video take to edit? what was your idea behind the video?
I don’t want to even think how long the edit took, but it took ages cos I am a crappy editor and doing titles scares me. The idea behind the video was just to do something really original for mountainboarding, something people havn’t seen before and from that we came up with the idea of doing an ‘all street’ clip I also wanted to stay away from the fisheye where I could but there where a lot of tricks where it was the only option to do them justice.

Is there something else you would like to film with mountainboarding?
I have got a few ideas bouncing around at the moment, something on a nicer camera and making it a little more cinematic, I don’t want to say much though.

 Look forward to it! Keep up the good work 🙂


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Many thanks to Dyl & Sean. Photos copyright 2012. Bloody oath mate.