Fingerflip Footplant

First off this is a dumb trick. The only time it will ever get done is if your fannying around on a piece of flat ground. But here goes anyway! This is the way I do it, but I’m sure there are many other ways to do this trick. Firstly you need to unstrap both feet!!!

1. Roll along with both feet unstrapped. Crouch down and grab in indy.







2. Still holding the board pop your feet off onto the ground, about inline with the front wheels as your still rolling along.







3. Jump up still holding the board. You need to jump quite high because the board is going to flip underneath you. This will flick it up into the flip. Here I do more of a kickflip type thing, but im sure its possible to do a heelflip if you grab in roastbeef.






4. Ok!. So your now in the air with your feet sucked up beneath you and your looking down at the underside of your board. Just keep your legs sucked up and watch the rotation so you can get those feet back on the board ASAP!






5. The board is coming round for the full rotation now! Quickly get your feet on it, aim to land where you took off from. Beware that because of the way your landing with all your weight in the middle of the board it WILL kick back after it flexes down under your weight





6. Now you are back on sweet terra firma do whatever you need to do to regain your balance. This one was pretty sketchy so I ended up grabbing again to stop myself falling off.