Four views of Cream Teas 2011 at Bugs

Here we’ve got 2 photographers & 2 film-makers’ perspectives on the fun-fuelled jib-fest that took place at Bugs on the 8th October…

The BFC’s Cream Teas & Jam series 2011 was another great mountainboard success story; 3 rounds at progressive mbc’s Knockhill, Surf the Turf, & Bugs. There were riders aplenty with some awesome development & tricks being thrown down at each event.

Saturday the 8th October saw the final round clock into Gloucestershire and several peeps were there to document the wheelieboarding wonderment. With Rhys BFC Crilley hosting, riders included Matt Brind, Steve Cownie, James Wanklyn, Joe Dickson, Renny Myles, Emlyn Bainbridge, Sam Nicholas, Tyrone Roberts, and many more!

First up, Andy Rolfe’s sterling photography:

Secondly, Dan Wilson’s moody snapshots:

And now, similar but moving & with music, the vids!

Here’s Simon Neck’s fantastic film that was shot during the day, edited in the evening and premiered that night at the ATBJunkies Film Festival!

And finally another great vid of the funaction by promising young film-maker Ben Searle.

Read a bit more about who did what on the ATBA UK’s Blog.

Thanks to all involved, especially Rhys & The BFC possee, AJ & The Bugs Crew, Andy Rolfe, Simon Neck & PUATB, and Wat Tees Ben Searle.