Fresh mountainboard websites

IMA & AusMountainboarders update their web prescence for Spring…

The International Mountainboard Association has gone and got themselves a new site which can be found under the name

It’s a mountainboarder. Across the World. Dot Org.

It’s not drastically changed but is basically much easier on the eye and feels more contemporary… It’s simple to navigate, and carries the most important info well i.e. the calendar, which covers all the World’s events & competitions. There’s even a handy embedded Google Calendar which every roadtripping, travelling rider that loves sick events should have at their fingertips, and many downloads including a PDF of all the officially announced international comp dates!

a lovely jpeg of the pdf

More good work is coming at us from the other side of the planet too, as those prolific shredical Australian riders launch a new site to collect all their wheelieboard output…

AusMountainboarders: looking like craft beer

AusMountainboarders is a jump off point to their prolific media escapades and captures the cool feel of it all with a bang-up to date site. Using the photos of Trav Adams and more, it looks effortlessly slick.

“aw yeah, after smoko let’s slay some bloody rails then rock up at the bottle’o & grab a slab o’piss for this arvo’s barby..”

As we all know having watched some film called #hashtag & read about what’s going on there in Remolition features (e.g. here), MBS Aus and friends are killing it at the moment. This site should help bring a bit more attention to the flamin’ rad gallahs.

Hoorah for sites being updated, we all gotta realise the importance of keeping this fire burning!!!

For instance otherwise if people googled Australian mountainboarding they may end up with such a distorted picture of the state of mountainboarding in 2015 hahaha…..

You just don’t get sites like this any more!!! 
(thank god) haha 🙂