Frontside 180 Fastplant

Martyn James’¬†frontside 180 fastplant. Practise this jib and get all radical!

A fastplant is when you take your back foot off the board and plant it on the ground behind your heel edge before popping off it. For this trick you will first need to un-strap/loosen your back binding, depending on what binding setup you use. I have snowboard style bindings so I just take my back foot out completely and put it on the deck in front of the back binding.

1. Wind up. As you only have one foot controlling your board, I find that more of a wind up is needed than you would think. I also find it handy to move my back foot so just my toe is sitting on the very heel edge of the board. This pushes the board away when you take your foot off, sending it into the frontside 180.

2. Unwind and jump up and take your back foot off the board. Use the top of your body to rotate into the frontside 180. To carry your speed through the trick you want to plant it as far towards the front of the board as possible.

3. Now the board should be off the ground, use the foot you have on the ground to help you twist around. Try the flick the board around with your front ankle. Spot your landing.

4. Jump off the foot on the ground. Your board should have some momentum now, so it should finish the rotation itself. Your main concern is to get that unstrapped foot back on the board!


5. The board will now touch down on the ground you need to try to push your weight forward to stop the board flying out from underneath you.

6. Stick that foot back on the board and absorb the impact somehow, this trick can sometimes be a bit funny on the landing if you don’t get your foot properly on the board

This is a fun trick; learn it on a piece of flat ground to start with, a surface that’s fairly grippy so there is no chance of your foot slipping and you falling on your arse looking silly.