Frontside 180 No Comply

This is the Frontside 180 No Comply. A No Comply is when you take your front foot off your board and plant it on the ground behind your heel edge before popping off it. For this trick you will first need to un-strap/loosen your front binding, depending on what binding setup you use. I have snowboard style bindings so I just take my front foot out completely and put it on the deck in behind of the front binding.

1. Approach the area where you are going to do the trick with your arms slightly wound up.

2. Start to turn your body around, take your front foot off your board and allow the board to start to run away in front of you.

3. Once the board has run away from you, scoop it up with your foot and twist your ankle to send it into the 180 degree rotation.

4. Jump off your planted foot. When you jump up make sure you push yourself in the direction you?re traveling in or else you will come to a halt. This bit requires confidence. Its very easy to bail out of the trick now but you have to be confident that you are going to get that foot back on the board!

5. The board lands and you unstrapped foot should meet it just as it arrives at the 180 degree point. It is possible if you use footstraps to send your foot straight back into the binding, but to start with just concentrate on getting your foot on the board.

6. Absorb the impact of landing and ride out looking rad.