FS Shifty Bonk to BS 180 out

The modern classic: small shifty to tap (or ‘bonk’) one way with full 180 rotation t’other. So cool off a tree, barrel or snowman!

This trick has been sending ripples across the world of snowboarding for ages. It combines a frontside shifty and a late backside 180 which allows you to tap object and then change the direction of your spin, you can hit anything, trees, lampposts, other boards or even snowmen in my case! I would recommend learning this trick without bonking something to start with. This will allow you to get used to the funny movement needed to kick the board one way but spin the other.

1. Approach the ramp as if you are about to attempt a normal backside 180. You need to be riding so the ramp will send you close enough to strike your chosen target!. Mr Snowmans days are numbered!.

2. As you pop off the kicker spin the top half of your body into the backside 180 spin as you would normally.

3. This is where things get different. You have now left the ramp and you’re beginning to spin your backside 180. Use the lower half of your body to kick the board out into a frontside shifty. Straighten your back leg to kick the board out frontside.

4. Smack! You got it! Now you need to spin from the waist to get the board around and into the backside 180. Use the position of the upper half of the body to twist the board around. If you are hitting something solid like a tree it will often rebound you into your spin, but you have to be expecting it!

5. Carry on spinning round from the waist. Judge your landing from looking back up the hill.

6. Get the wheels down on the ground and correct and shortfall in your rotation. Now you can ride out looking steezy!. Oh yeah!..

During this trick you need to concentrate on the backside 180.

If you concentrate too much on hitting your chosen object it is likely that your spin will fall short and a bum plant is only moments away. Don’t let this put you off though!

This trick is super satisfying when you ride it out, especially if you destroy a snowman in the process. So get out there and impress your mates with your mad bonking skills! (if you excuse the phrase!)