Game Changing Freestyle

In no particular order, here is a small compilation of groundbreaking & game changing big air and freestyle mountainboard riding…

Double it – double corks, double fronts and double-back one-footers

October 2013, matt Brind is in the States practising for the Nitro Circus Tour and stomps 3 mountainboard world firsts on the epic big ramp!


Back in July 2011 Aussie rider Andy Milenkovic seamlessly slayed the holy grail, nailing the first ‘official’ Double backflip at The Maddox Compound. Courtesy of Theo Acworth

BS Corked 9

At the start of May 2012 Hales Superbole held a riding jam where Ollie Morrison pulled a BackSide corked 9 out of somewhere awesome. Filmed by Emlyn Bainbridge.

One-foot backflip

Summer 2011, at an MBS demo in the States, Matt Silva kicks it epic with a one-footer mid backflip. One-footer fronts had been seen before yet this is (apparently) the first filmed back..

Badass  Mountainboarding

Downhill purists may sniff at kite use yet this Ground Industries short from 2008 does the absolute business, mixing rocks, gnar and finishing with possibly the biggest air ever.


Extreme Mountain Boarding

With footage from early to mid noughties, this is a typical example of the progressive riding that pushed mountainboarding freestyle forward. Featuring Leon Robbins 5’s, Dave Steifvater one-footers, Justin Rhodes Superman finger-flip within the first minute! Also The first 7 in public, sick boardslides, roofdrops and more.

A brief mountainboard story

Peoplegrapher’s sh*t hot vid from mid 2011 features ATC productions & Project Doc’s finest (Tom & Mick Kirkman, Joe Dixon, Tuai Lovejoy, Dylan Warren etc) hitting Winterberg in Germany. b & fs 5’s, 7’s, and the odd 9. They’re beasts. End of.

 J Lee’s Backflip over Gator Pit

In the mid-noughties when this lark was ‘extreeeeme’, the envelope was pushed by MBS Godfather Jason Lee. A World record attempt for Ripley’s ‘Believe it or not’, they set up a mega-ramp and Jason flipped right over them hungry alligator mofo’s.. (from 2 min 30)

Mountainboarding High Air Contest ’03

Back in 2003 the Core Tour took the best in the game to various places in Cali like Venice Beach LA. Even by today’s standards these are still damn big jumps but then it was epic and inpired riders globally to go bigger & bigger. Check out Jereme Leafe’s  17ft 6 high jump (also featuring Akoni Kama’s nearly-landed double-backflip!)


Any glaring ommissions from this list? Let us know at and we’ll add them. Cheers!