Get in on TK’s Melon – Grab Style

Stylish Grabs

Making your grabs more stylish involves confidence, ability and flare. Going big will give you more time to get rad in the air so practise it, tweak it, bone it, own it.

The tips here are applicable for all grabs, but just for an example, we’ll take a closer look at the Melon; regular & switch.


1. Run in & take-off The run in for a melon is exactly the same as for any other grab, you want to make sure you’ve got the trick in your mind. As you approach the take-off, bend your knees then pop-up and take-off just as your front wheels leave the lip.

2. In the air Use your front hand to grab the heel edge of the board, make sure you’ve got a proper hold on the deck, this will make you feel a lot more stable while in the air. Hold for as long as you dare as this will give you more time to tweak the board around however you like. Straighten your leading leg for stylish boning, let go of the grab as you’re on your way down and prepare for landing.

3. Landing On touch-down, angle your board into the landing, bend your knees slightly to take out a bit of compression, then ride away with a grin.


The run in and landing are the 2 hardest parts of this. You’ll want to ensure you can ride switch before attempting switch tricks, but it’s not as bad as you may think.

1. Run in & take-off All you’ve got to do for the take-off is to get your head around mirroring the fs procedure- run-in straight, compress as you ride up the lip then pop as your front wheels leave the lip.

2. In the air Exactly the same as a regular melon but with your other foot forward, so using what would normally be your back hand, grab behind what is now your heel edge, just the same as you did regular and the rest (tweak, shifty etc) is up to you. Remember, more speed & bigger jumps mean extra seconds to play about in the air.

3. Landing Having let go of the grab you can make sure your board is landing straight as riding away switch is obviously not as easy as your regular stance. Bend your knees, absorb compression, keep balanced, ride away confidently styling it out.

With so many variations on grabbing your deck (or even trucks) available, it is up to you to simply practise. Try it this way, that way. Play, invent and have fun.

TKswitchMelonPhotos by Paul Taylor, illustrations by Decreate