Hashtag Competition!

Win collectable #mountainboard prizes featuring #Hashtag DVDs, original Rem Art, MBS T-shirt, n stickers… #winning

Have fun with social media till the end of Jan using #hashtagmbs: take picstag & share and you, yes you, could be getting these exclusive goodies!



Main Prize package:

From Dylan Warren, Trav Adams & MBS Australia comes the incredible and very sold-out mountainboard movie #Hashtag. This signed DVD (a physical shiny ‘disc’ that requires a special player) is the last hard copy; own it, get your mates round and have a hashtag party yo!

To make you look as bangin’ as possible at your partay with awesome new duds, courtesy of MBS Europe there’s a crispy fresh new T-shirt in jet black featuring that sick roots graphic print in sexy snowy white.

Then get everyone talking with some original artwork by the doodler behind Rem & MBS’s graphics: An actual signed Remolition/Decreate drawing, coloured in with real paint, on A4 paper that you can get framed (or just blu-tack) to the wall of your man-cave, boudoir, dunny etc. It’s actually the original art that was scanned for Rem’s Facebook cover photo, and is featured on the ‘iPhone’ sticker too.

And of course we’ll chuck in a load of stickers from all 3 contributors as well… Yes that’s a Hashtag sticker, MBS stickers, & full Rem sticker pack for customisation galore.

Runner-up prizes:

Second place will get a signed DVD and a Remolition/MBS sticker pack! Third gets a mega-sticker pack including giant MBS laser-cut! #OMG

These prizes are so good it hurts, we’ll post anywhere in the world, you can enter as many times as you like, and there’s no dumb question! sweet.


Take a picture with your smartphone, ideally with/of something mountainboard related, like: your mate doing a stair set. A selfie with your board. A drawing of Radface. Your passed-out buddy after a New Years party with a hashtag sharpied onto his forehead…

Tag #hashtagmbs to the pic and probably some more for good luck, like: #mountainboard #remolition #imgonnawinthiscompetition #jawtothefloor #whatevs

Then share it on Facebook or Instagram(You could also send it to us and we’ll share it for you).





Australia’s Radface & friends had been working on this film for ages: produced over the last 2 years by this dedicated crew, it is a Mountainboard Movie™ for the nu-skool… An awesome snow/skate-influenced document of a bunch of Aussie riders at the top of their progressive wheelieboard game. You won’t believe some of the riding, these guys tear up the rules.

The intense, purposeful shredding is fuelled by gravity, push-ins, tow-ins, with heaps of bungee action showing how cool useful they are in the (sub)urban Victoria setting. With riders like Dyl hisself, Andy Milenkovic, Daniel Packer, the very gnar Matt Wilkins & friends getting all creative in their own sections. From home-made drops to street pipes to stair & rail sets galore, there’s loads of steezy madness to give us a window into the world of this MBS Pro and co. And it’s all done with punk playfulness and unadulterated skill & determination. The soundtrack too is sweet, coming out rocking with Black Mountain before covering musical bases of soul, hiphop, country and returning to Motorhead & Sabbath…

Suffice to say you’d better get a bucket ready to catch your face as it melts off with the gnar sickness of watching the whole feature length film!

Why the DVDs? Dyl said he loves sitting around with mates watching films on actual telly boxes so wanted to put it out this way first…  There was a strict run of only 100 DVD’s produced to make it super-collectable, and they all sold out in days! There won’t be any more of these hard copies either, this is limited edition collectors sh!t right here.

The film will be released as digital download soon and also watch Dylan Warren BGC YouTube channel for more… so this is your last chance to get region-free hard copy DVDs yo!



 Remolition & Radface will pick the winners at the end of January, so you got plenty of time to snap some pics; we’ll then get your address and post the prize pack to you. #simple #Howgoodisthat?

Have lolz. Get creative and don’t forget #hashtagMBS. Good luck! #getbusy