Hashtag Remolition Back Yard Jam Series: what’s it all about?

So here it is, the full low down on why for months now we have been dropping some random hashtag acronym on Facebook and into tweets! Is it some new riding crew? Nah, it’s something which has been talked about for ages so we thought we would get our act together, sort it, and put on some backyard jams.

‘So why the odd name?’

Well Rem, like a  hipster from Shoreditch, has started putting # in front of everything! It’s not our fault- it’s twitter and all that other social media shizz. So when it came to naming the first comp we have ever organised independently, what else could we do to keep it short and keep it ‘now’ other than keep the first letter, bin the rest, add a ‘#’ and then we can say more in our 140 characters!! Maybe Stu and friends had seen the future when they first went for ‘ATB’ instead of ‘mountainboarding’!

“Anywayz I digress, what you all really want to know is what is this Backyard Jam Series all about?’

First to get the bad news out the way, it’s invite only! We’re on very limited numbers and (bar someone dropping out at the last minute) if you’ve got an invite then you will already know what’s going on. In the next couple of weeks there will be a list of all the riders taking part popping up on the specially-created RBYJS category page on Rem Central. It’s an interesting list, with a good mixture of young guns, old guns, and probably a bit of a surprise about some peeps that haven’t made the list. It’s enough to say that all the big brand teams have each got a few riders in the mix…

So what’s the plan ‘Stan?’

Well over Winter we were busy stalking people on FB who had managed to convinced their parents that their garden would be much improved with some ramps, rails and all the soil moved about. So after much messaging and their lovely folks’ blessings, William McAuley and Amon Shaw agreed it would be great for Backyard takeovers for one day a piece this summer. Result!


‘So we have got the setups! So how’s this nu-skool freestyle session t’ing gonna work?’

There’ll be riding, and media broadcasts of the riding, going out live all over our available feeds.. So basically sparking up the barbie, sticking some tunes on and generally spending the afternoon with peeps getting their game on, drinking cold ones, tweeting & Insta-ing some dope shots with our snapsboxes and pointing GoPro’s at anything interesting!

The plan is to divide the riders up into 2 teams with the two hosts (Will & Amon) being team captains. Effectively making it like any ‘normal’ sport team event with an away team and a home team.. So riders aren’t just jamming to see who’s got the best bag of jibs, they are also riding  to make sure their team don’t get beat! (Not forgetting there’s extra bragging rights at stake here for winning in some else’s backyard! ;o)

If you’re into snowboarding you can see where this comp is taking it’s cues from: The Battle of Nations. And like The Battle of Nations there are a number of spot prizes up for grabs. These are:

Ripper: best rider

Line Master: best line

Jib Master: best trick

Steeze Master: most stylish rider

There is also a prize for the best edit and this where everyone can get involved by voting for the ‘Best Edit’ prize!

Each event is going to be filmed (probably with more camera gear than you would find in a branch in Curry’s) by peeps taking part, who’ll then feel suitably inspired to bosh out an edit and stick it on Youtube or Vimeo. Then all the views, likes, shares, remarks, nods, winks from Youtube/Vimeo will be added up after a month and the winner will be the one with the most!

Now if things aren’t different enough we thought we would add a little more spice! To win any of the prizes you have to hold it during the whole series. So at the first comp whoever wins Jib Master prize at the first jam to take it home they have to still be jib Master at the end of the second jam. This means the more cunning riders might think ‘well I can’t do a better jib at the second jam but I can ride some better lines, so I’m going to see if i can link up the dopest line of features and tricks next time’.  Or the Jib Master from the first comp might think ‘Well no one else is going to taking this off me So I’m going spend some time in the lab practising that new shiz and then at the next jam I’m going to bash out the smoking gun jib!’

“That all sounds sicker than a whole bag of sick things, but it’s not like I’m going to be there to see it happen..?!”

That’s true and it is kinda a shame we can’t open it up more but  these are peoples homes at the end of the day so we can’t have loads of people about. But..

What we are going to be doing  is going as live as possible here on Remolition and all the social media platforms we inhabit. So on the 4th of May (or should that be May the 4th ;o) and the 1st June keep your eyes on facebook, twitter and instagram as we brings it to you.

If foraging for all this mountainboard jibbey goodness across various wayward social media sites seems like a load of hassle, Don’t worry! We have learned from our  experiment with #838miles  and so are putting all the content feeding into one super special #RBYJS page here

So there you go #RBYJS is: 2 back garden setups, 2 teams of 8 riders, some film-makers, lensmen & Remolitionaries bringing you some red hot grass-roots steezey mountainboard jibnidge over all sorts of new media & social networks! Remolition Radness yo!

Let’s get the summer season going :o)