Horseboarding Championships

 Yes it’s really appearing here! Horseboard news & listings for 2014…

So we just had a flyer come through the post for a local cheesy event and was surprised to see Horseboarding as one of the top billed attractions. Yes the Thame Country Fair where “the countryside comes to life” is happening at Easter and appears is also round 2 of the Horseboarding National Championships ’14, where mountain boarders are towed around a course by a cantering mare. So let’s have a quick closer look at what’s going on…

Round was one this weekend just gone (5th & 6th April in Wales -read a little about it here), and if it’s your thang then go to one of the 9 shows all over the country up to the end of September.

Now if you’re a knocker/troll/hater of these things, (and God knows our own evilAdmin crawled out of the woodwork to have a rant on the blog about it last year) then you need to know that there’s actually some real gravity to what’s going on here.

Not only is epic British Manufacturer Trampa  involved (spot the flags & tent in the vids kids!) but quite a few serious riders are crossing over for a somewhat different kind of wheelieboard challenge;  ‘Team Do or Die’ features horse board pioneer & Trampa associate Tom Kilroy, ‘Team Kouldren’ features Trampa’s prime shredder Sam Nicholas, and ‘The Dead Pigeons’ stars The Bitches’ Daf Price. (btw a team is horse rider, horse, & board rider). Some ‘proper’ riders right there, all motoring around at over 30 mph powered.


Some of these shows are big too, really big. Like the Norfolk Game & County Fair which had 40,000 visitors and The Three Counties Show which has 100,000 spectators over 3 days.

There’s 7 competition rounds incorporated; check out the full comp Calendar on the main horse boarding UK website:

And what does it look like? well the rope looks too short meaning cornering is less carving and more hanging on for dear life but i reckon it may be pretty good fun… We did tow-ins behind the Hill 62 Landy back in the day and that rocked, so why not? Good exposure, and getting more folk into trolley boards can only be a good thing.

Remolition probably won’t be covering the events so if you’re into this stuff & want updates get over to Facebook and give their fan page a thumbs up 😉

Tally ho!