Hot vids: 2015 & ’16

A killer compilation featuring all our favourite films from 2015 & 2016, as seen in ‘Vid of the Moment’

>Mountainboarding – West Country UK (nov ’16)

Nomad Image, also known as Dready Glenn is a surfer that loves a bit of the old off-road wheelieboard. Here’s his latest filmic love-letter to this awesome pastime of ours, showing off the autumn landscape and environment, and his journeys through it. The repeating lyric in the soundtrack is especially apt for a document of solo free riding too, and it show’s how ‘cool’ is a state of mind: although the slow-mo on mini-airs is totes unnecessary lol. Those views though!

>Lord of the Board – BX Poland October 2016

Wild Mountainboards bring us a sick short film featuring a day on a sick track in the woods. More like a woodland pump track, the crossover is obvious, with an array of riders, all ages, male and female, bike, board whatever. What really sticks out though is the slick production, great use of sound and overall feel. Class.

>Ye Olde Jib

The UK’s own Matt Brind and friends remind us what it’s like to jib your heart out. In a fast-paced hi-def edit remiscent of a Cream Teas & Jam Competition they play on every feature going with taps, donks, stalls, slides, rotations, manuals, and stuff we don’t even know the name of.  It’s all here like a textbook example of how to session, all filmed at the Hales Board & Bike Park jib area. Ther’s also some bonus sick groms, bikes and soundtrack by The Heavy. Apparently it’s all footy that Matt’s been sitting on for a couple of years but who cares, it’s new to us lot!  How you like me now?

>Japan 2016

A handful of MBS Australia’s finest riders took another trip to the land of Fuji San, Godzilla and Kawaii to visit Team Balance. This super-sharp 14 minute vid shows off not just the usual ramp-based antics but takes in a variety of freeride landscapes, urban hits and more. Japan has amazing terrain and these boys ride it all, with style and attitude. Watch this and you’ll want to join them next time.

> You DON’T Have To Give Up 

Marcio DaGuedes is a prolific guy from Brazil’s Enjoy the Ride. A passionate rider, always on it, he is a like-minded friend to fellow local riders, MBS, Remolition, and You!

Here he helps us all out with what is basically a skatepark ramp tutorial to music; the initially jarring slow-mo’s actually become mini-photographic slideshows, enabling you to study his technique, which luckily is well good, with sick work around the mini-q coping. It’s progressive too, so you can really see yourself in there, getting better, riding with him that day. The throbbing Fight Club soundtrack also adds to the slightly-intense flavour. This is your life. Handplant it.


>Mountainboarding in Oz with MBS JPN

MBS Australia are a prolific riding crew, with poster-boy Dylan Warren heading the pack. Japan’s MBS team, aka Balance Outdoor, are an old-skool nu-skool bunch of super rad shredders. Both crews make sick vids with jib-fuelled playful trick-based riding. They got together and some magic happened.

We love the varied inspiring Aussie locations, dirt wave hits, stylish tricks, and obvious comaraderie. We’d have liked to have got to know the characters more, but Riding is the universal language here, and that speaks volumes.

> The Source of Freeride

It’s leaf-slashing, drifting, sapling-bashing time; bombing tracks & cruising in the great outdoors; it’s nature, woods, views coupled with adrenaline, thrills and spills; it’s adventure riding.

Not a big, flashy production but a vid that shows this all-too often overlooked or unseen side of mountainboarding, especially freeriding solo… All weather, Poland’s Wiktor Walas is heading out and tackling those descents with great enthusiasm and skill. And we want to go with him.

> Natasha Chernikova: Flame Team welcome vid

This cool, filmic short stars a recent sign-up to the Pro Team for the German Board Manufacturer Flame. Russian girl Natasha’s confidence really shines through as she flows around the track at this dreamy sunset riding session at a local Moscow spot.

Mason Moore Mountainboarding – 3 days in Utah

A super stylish vid from Dyad Clothing with this MBS US pro that makes your head nod and your jaw drop. With a smooth soundtrack from The Heavy, the effortlessly steezy urban and desert riding with slow-mo sun bleached skies, and ending with a foam pit first (?), it’s just great stuff. More please, Mason.


King of the Park – The European Freestyle Champs

A short sweet edit that’s all killer no filler, documenting the people and the riding from this sick summer event at Val Trompia Park in Italy. With lots of riders and even more spectators, it makes you wish you were there… And of course we bear witness to some great freestyle jibbing! Tyre stalls, slick rails, big ol’ rotations. Grande.


MBS Summer of Shred

At last MBS America brings out a home-grown video featuring the nizz shralping that we know they are capable of, all compiled into one short super-sick edit. Riding is evolving and here we see the cream of the USA with riders that have grown with the scene like Starfighter, Ecar, and DGar, to nu-skool beasts MassMoore & B-Goode. We also get a bit of Nicky G in there for the token European cameo! Their tricks n style are all now effortlessly cool, slashing donking flipping grabbing rolling railsliding all in their path, the diversity of locations inspiring, all as the soundtrack pumps you up… Make you wanna go ride much??! One of these at least every month, please MBS 🙂


Mountain board Sakura~ke-chi skate park

Coming at us at spring Sakura blossom time 2015, it’s MBS mountainboard Japan’s skatepark demon-eyes rider, Show-Hey. It’s a showcase for his sick skatepark skills, pulling tricks effortlessly out the bag with bags of old and nu skool style. Nocomplying, one footers, crazy transfers, bs, fs, it’s basically textbook riding for this kind of park. Simple. You can tell it’s his favourite place!


>J’irai rider chez vous

This 50 minute documentary is a fascinating journey into some of the key players within mountainboarding. Brought to us by JPL Productions, it is nothing like your usual riding-to-music vid, coming across as quirky as Napoleon Dynamite. With some talking heads interviews and fly-on-the-wall documentation, this is an artfully shot, well edited, mature look at a few days in the lives and locations of these quirky, obsessive characters. It features international freeride, centres, demos, comps, top riders and stunning landscapes, and all shot in this considered manner. Available now with English subtitles (a lot of it is in English Language anyway) for less than £4. We recommend. Trop Cool.