New IMA President

The results are in. Congrats to:

Kody Stewart and team!

With a large majority, the dedicated American takes another title.

Read his acceptance speech and see the poll results over at the IMA website

Kody who? Read This

Original news post:

The International Mountainboard Association is responsible for event regulation and calendar co-ordination, supporting global comps, bringing riders together.

It now wants to push even further, but what more should it do? Let’s take a look at the 4 candidates who are keen to step up to replace outgoing Pres Dave Starfighter…


1/. Alex Rossiter, USA: Shredding Lifer, regional club starter, event host…

Cabinet includes: Jay D (USA) and Zach Kiesz (USA).

Manifesto highlights: (will create): A directory for Mountainboarders and a registry for Brands, (and will) act as a Mediator {and/or} Arbitrator and be a Focus Group Facilitator.

 “A cool head with the best interest of all riders at heart”

VIEW ALEX’S PROGRAM (for Mountainboards NW; Alex’ program for the IMA is based on this)


2/. Flavio Nottalgiovanni Sambucetti, Spain: International competitor, El Presidente (of the Spanish Mountainboard Association), Centre owner…

Cabinet includes: Tilen Jovornik (Slovenia), Philipp Heinle (Germany) and Michael Germann (Switzerland).

Manifesto highlights: (wants to): Evolve and protect the Organisation with continuous development and promotion.

“With your support I am committed to lead this huge team, IMA, towards a new stage, working actively all over the world.”


3/. Carlos Alberto Sabino, Brazil: 21 years of mountainboard experience, President of AMESP (Sao Paulo), instructor & track builder…

Cabinet Includes: n/a

Manifesto highlights: (intends to) “Make IMA international and more professional“.


4/. Kody Stewart, USA: Pro since ’03, multiple US and World Championship titles, Deck manufacturer, Action Sports specialist…

Cabinet includes: Matt Brind (UK) and Mika Gramont (France).

Manifesto highlights: To standardise events adding cash prizes, create a newsletter & consolidate social networking to better connect riders, replicate instructor programs in more countries and target and collaborate to create region-specific benefits.

“what I believe qualifies me the most for this position is what I have accomplished outside of the sport. From 2007 onward, I have had an extensive action sports events background, working for companies such as Red Bull, Fox Racing (etc)”


Read more words from each candidate on here

Then GO VOTE! all you need is a Google Account and an interest in the future of our sport.  You have till January 15th 2018.