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March 2017

Yes March. Yes looking forward, yes Mountainboarding. That’s triple positive, people.

Spring 2017 and our ultimate boardsport is still here, alive and well, still rolling hard like the unstoppable mutant zombie hybrid son of Snowboarding and Skating who’s having an intense love affair with mountainbiking’s sister. All in secret, of course. Mostly by social media, with frequent happy meetings at dodgy car parks. Invisible passionate heroes at the intersection of many paths.

Remolition, 10 years old this year, pays tribute to what is somehow thankfully STILL a grass-roots subculture. We are all lovers of something resolutely different to mainstream sports and activities, devoid of commercialisation and vapidity. It’s real, and that’s precious #thesedays.

Check out the big list of comps and meet ups and where they are in the IMA INTERNATIONAL EVENT CALENDAR 2017

Raised on crossover passions, our dedicated Global community of mountainboard riders is still innovating and shredding more gnar and with more steeze (and with more stoopid words) than ever;  from Team Dad‘s regular freeride sessions down muddy british hills to Australian Mountainboarders slaying suburban streets, we are out there all around the world: the avant-garde outsiders, the idiosyncratic underdogs. Lovers of that warm feeling of contentedness (‘the stoke’), you are a modern-day invisible hero with a weird board and a fondness for velcro.

For you are a Mountainboard Rider.

So do some warming-up and get out there with your wheels into the spring fresh air and smile.


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“yep lets get some dates in the calendar”

“Let’s discuss the finer rules of mountainboard Bingo”

“We’ve been talking about ATBA UK Biznes

Seb and Dan are probably dead in a ditch somewhere after riding that frame board into a tree

“It’s Matt Brind’s School of Freestyle Lesson 3, Correlation vs Causation”


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The Outside Line


There are many different reasons why one would ride a mountainboard regulary. Here are just a few:

The ‘stoke’ of sport: the feelings of elation, adrenaline, relief, achievement, euphoria and a whole load of other brain chemicals while out shredding some serious gnarbage are extremely satisfying. So too is the hype before and the post-ride wind-down. It’s fitness in disguise.

The camaraderie: sharing that feeling with friends who get it is special. You are part of something, therefore you are special too.

The discipline: Most riders are pretty relaxed easy-going types, yet can crave the routines and procedures of the ride out; from packing the car to padding up to the self-control required to winding down after. It requires effort, and that is rewarding.

The meditation: being ‘in the moment‘ is something all sports share. Mountainboarding needs your focus to flow so you can let all that other rubbish in your head just fade away. At least for a few hours.

It’s an underdog: Snowboarding and skating are ridiculously huge. BMX massive, surfing standard. Everybody loves an underdog, and mountainboarding is in our hearts like a band you love that are sooo great yet no-one has heard of… Like a lame mongrel at Crufts, we cheer and support it despite it’s unconventional appearance and funny smell.

The environment: once they were called ‘All Terrain Boards’, which was largely true. We can ride our boards in so many stunning, amazing locations. Thanks to mountainboarding, i’ve seen some truly inspiring views. It’s like hill-walking with the biggest bonus side-effect ever.

You take the knocks: like a Zen Buddhist we have to thank our enemies despite their intent. Fell down? Get up. Get better. Many life lessons can be learnt in pursuit of that perfect rotation, that gnarly-lookin’ techey line, or that race for glory. It’s a hard-knock life, and we know it.

It’s playtime: It makes you smile. Jib your heart out, ride tracks till your legs are sore, get dirt in your face, nail a drop, nearly hit a tree, score a boardslide, smash a perfect transfer, carve some turns, slash some leaves, land a flip.

Try wiping that smile off your face; Oh wait, you can’t. What a ride


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