It’s a Ruddy Marvellous trailer

Just when you thought all was quiet on the wheelie blanking film crew front. Some of the UK’s best riding talent  have got together to form a super crew!

Luckily we managed to corner Emlyn B to tell us all about what they are planning.

Ruddy Marvellous is primarily a mountainboard motion picture featuring the Daydream Productions crew – Will McAuley, Connor Tyson, Matt Wright, Amon Shaw, Emlyn Bainbridge and Ben Searle.

Ruddy Marvellous and Daydream Productions started as a concept in the mind of Matt Wright who then voiced his ideas of a radical video showing a whole year of mountainboarding to me. We all ended up at Will’s house for RBYJS and decided to collaborate on the film. Since then we have all been getting ourselves in front of the lens, trying to do our best, most creative tricks for the viewing pleasure of the huge target audience which is the mountainboard community.

Now we have a trailer (courtesy of Matt Wright) for all to see which shows just a taste of what’s to come in the full video. The premier is at the ATBJunkies film festival on the 5th of October where we will enter Ruddy Marvellous. Hopefully we’ll see everyone there entering their own films as well.

 So here you are very nearly a minute of 10 mins of Daydream Productions goodness to wet your appetite. It’s Ruddy Marvellous it is ;o)