It’s all good in the Wood

There was a rustling in the woods behind High Wycombe… It turned out to be a friendly group of Mountainboarders having some freeride fun in the leaves!


This sunny Sunday in March was certainly not the first time riders have played around this beautiful area of Buckinghamshire.

King’s Wood has been on Remolition a few times, with Dirt Monkey’s Daz Murphy sculpting a very appealing gallery that can be found here! However that would never stop local Tour Guide Dan Wilson from showing round a keen group of wheely-plankers (aka Harry, Phil, Roger, Matt, Jarro, Horse, & James) and one dirty biker (Andy with the photobox/GoPro) some of his favourite runs in the wood…

For those who haven’t been there before, it is a freeride location where you dreams can run wild.

There are so many different lines down so many different sections of woods with so many different features; Some have loose, leafy corners for some drifting, others with little kickers and drops to play around with…

Harry & I filmed some video too so that you can get the flavour of the day at this Bucks beech-wood freeride mecca – and btw the video does not convey how steep some of these runs are!

So now..


So it was a brilliant day, and definitely worth checking out all you riders!

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Words Andy Rolfe. Extra pics by Dan Wislon. Video: Harry Jessop