Junemanji at Hales Superbole Mountainboard Centre

As the dulcet tones of hard punk rock floated across the valleys of Cheshire and mixed with the click-click-click sound of mountainboarders strapping into their boards, Junemanji, a different kind of mountainboarding event got underway at Hales Superbole.

So what made it different? Well, it included a punk rock festival which had bands playing pretty much non stop for three days, and there was a bit of a bike comp going on at the same time, but let’s concentrate on the mountainboarding.

The Battle of Your Face

Inspired by Torstein Horgmo Game of In Your Face, this friendly freestyle comp involved pairing up with another rider, taking turns setting a trick, and getting a strike if you don’t get the trick. Three strikes and you get a water-soked sponge to the face.

It was good to see a different kind of freestyle comp, and one that revealed just how cruel and sadistic some people are.

MBS Midnight Miniramp Madness

Later Saturday night bikes, skateboards, and mountainboards, all hit the mini ramp together, well not together, that would get messy, but in the same jam. It ended with Greg Parry besting Brindy with wall plant on his bike to peddle away with the main prize, an MBS longboard.

Freestyle Demo

Sunday morning, with half eaten scotch eggs and hung-over punk rockers scattered about the place, the Freestyle Demo kicked off.

What else happened that weekend?

Ed Richardson got his first backflip to dirt. ATB Sunday was out in force, with their new freestyler Aaron taking his BMX skills to four wheels. Oscar Travis was back on a board and pulling out his usual style. Tattoos were had in all kinds of places (you know who you are). The Foampit was sessioned with all kinds of upside-down-spinny-craziness. Rain showers were dodged and punks were rocked.

So, do music festivals and mountainboard competitions go together? Yeah, I’d say so, but you should check out the next event at Hales Superbole yourself.

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