Legaby 31: Photos 1

Gaby Le Gall grew up in Toulouse, France near The Roseraie Bike Park (above) loving mountain biking, but after several injuries had to calm down and began to do more photography. He specialises in documenting ‘extreme’ sports: mountain biking, BMX, snowboarding, and more…

He also shoots mountainboarding; his brother is a rider…

He says “It is 3 years since my brother got his first mountainboard and started riding at the Roseraie. I began to do more and more pictures with him, he is a great accessory and has a lot of confidence. It gives me a better understanding of what he will do, take pictures even closer still, and especially discuss the pictures again and again to do the next session.”

He adds “The photos I retouch a lot, but they are real. What I shoot is extreme so the photos should be too.”

And ‘extreme’ they are: Atmospheric, colour-soaked images, featuring mountainboard riders Aubin, Diego A, Qbo, Henri, Seb, Vincent, and many more.
C’est bon, non?!

All rights reserved Gaby Le Gall (Legaby31)
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