Let’s Get Creative 2016

Stitched Boards and Hereford Board & Bike Park hosted another alternative event; Andy Rolfe & Dan Wilson bring us a photo report documenting this crazy expression session Mount Fest anyone?LetsGetCreative

On saturday 4th June HBBP (Court Farm) became a buzzing hive of creative activity.

The Centre itself has come a long way, a family friendly place that is gold for riders with their classic orange BX track (that was running super fast) and an improved freestyle set-up. Psychadelic Stitched Boards had decorated the site with banners, artwork & props and between them they had organised loads of things to do for this third Let’s Get Creative – also now known as Mount Fest because of it’s mini-festival vibe!

There was so much to do: Nerf Shooting Gallery, Balance Board Ship, arts & crafts, graf try-outs, cool kids games, the now infamous mountainboard Assault Course, Frisbee tournament, even badminton! And that’s before we even mention the food & treats available, non-stop DJ tunes, live band in the evening, and the fact it was a certain rider’s Stag-Do meaning a load of old faces turned up for the fun and games. Take a chuff on this. Cheers, here’s to you!

Phew! What a day. And night.

Sunday was the hottest day of the year as well as being the morning after the night before. Consequently there wasn’t much mountainboarding going on.

But still, hanging out with great people is what it’s all about anyway…



Staff, volunteers and all the kids at Hereford Board & Bike Park were great. Saturday night’s band Convicts were brilliant. Everyone who drew, painted, made, played, rode, or just sat about people watching; good work all 🙂

Results as follows, but it was all for fun really haha

‘Official’ times for the Mountainboard Assault Course are as follows:
1st: Graham Wedderburn 38.73
2nd: Matt Haywood 46.81
3rd: Andy Dumelow 48.13
4th: Morris Mackley 1.06.28
5th: Mark Sewell 1.06.33
6th: Luke Langsford1.12.33
7th: Simon Neck 1.13.71
8th: Tom Knobby Varden 1.14.15
9th: Dan Wilson 1.21.28
10th: Tim Edwards 1.21.35
11th: Jamie Everitt1.27.35
12th: Morgan Price 1.29.91
13th: Mutton Sutton 1.38.10
14th: Timbo Selector 1.46.21
15th: George Pollard 2.11.80
16th: Benoit Bennett 2.17.80
Last: Harry Jessop 43.88 (disqualified for refusing to pear bob)

Photos by Andy Rolfe and Dan Wilson

Big thanks to Stitched Boards and Hereford Board & Bike Park